Summer 1, Week 6 – A ‘quacking’ week!

Stars of the week: ALL OF NURSERY!

Well Done to all of Nursery for taking such good care of our three ducklings, Donald, Daisy and Debbie. Every day Nursery would check that the ducklings had enough food, water and if their brooder was clean. Well done Nursery for showing such caring, we are very proud of you!

This week we finalised our topic ‘What’s in the egg?’. We cared for our ducklings, took them for their first swim and then sent them to the farm on Thursday. Here are photos of us enjoying our time with our ducklings.

We thought of the ways that we can take care of the ducklings too.

Next Half term: We are going to embark on our explorers topic! We are continuing our phonics learning, making sure that we are practicing our segmenting and blending. In Maths we will continue to explore concepts such as adding and subtracting practically. We are also going to be continuing to develop our independence in preparation for our transition to Reception. Have a wonderful half-term break!

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