Summer 2, Week 1!

This week is Poetry Week at Cathedral School.

In Nursery we have been enjoying singing nursery rhymes, particularly ones about animals, as this links to our new ‘Growing and Changing’ topic!

We wrote our own ‘Who Am I?’ poems about animals of our choice . We chose an animal and thought about what it looks like, where it lives, and the sound it makes. We used our phonic knowledge to write key words, and drew a picture, to see if the reader can guess the animals we are writing about!

We have also been learning about repeating patterns. We made repeating pattern flowers and caterpillars, using 2, 3 or 4 colours. We know that we have to keep repeating the colours in the same order over and over again, to create a pattern!
Our flowers and caterpillars will form a Maths display in the school corridor! We will post a picture of the display once it is ready!

Stars of the Week!
All of the Nursery children

Well done to everyone for settling back in straight away, and for being ready to learn, in your last half term of Nursery!

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