Summer 2, Week 2!

A very special delivery!

As part of our Summer 2 ‘Growing and Changing’ topic, we were very excited to receive a delivery of 5 eggs on Tuesday.

We investigated different animals that hatch from eggs, and that helped us predict what might hatch out of ours! We learnt that lots of animals come from eggs. These are called oviparous animals! Take a look at our mind map of what we think might hatch out of the eggs…

We learnt that the eggs have to kept warm inside an incubator, until the animals hatch. We enjoyed looking carefully at the eggs, and we began to see cracks and hear cheeps from inside them…

On Wednesday morning, the first egg cracked completely open! We were so happy and excited to see a tiny, yellow duckling inside the incubator!

We are hoping that the other ducklings will hatch soon, and we will move them into a special hutch, with food, water, bedding and a special heat lamp to keep them warm.
Look out for more pictures on next week’s blog!

Stars of the Week!
Nika and Ryan

Nika and Ryan have enjoyed the beginning of our new topic.
Ryan has spent lots of time in our new farm role play area, engaging in imaginative play with his friends.
Nika enjoyed learning about animals that hatch from eggs, and has shown lots of care towards our newly hatched duckling!
Well done to both of you!

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