Spring 1, Week 5!

This week we have been learning about Chinese New Year, and the celebrations that take place!

We learnt that Chinese people spring clean their houses and gardens to sweep away any bad luck!

Houses are decorated with paper lanterns, and families gather together to celebrate!

The dragon is one of the animals of the Zodiac, and represents good luck, strength and health.

We made our own paper lanterns and dragon puppets. Making these was a good way to practice using our fine motor skills, as we used scissors to cut our decorations, and carefully glued and taped them into place!

Once we had made our dragons, we enjoyed dancing and moving around, as if we were dragons!

Tiwa and Jack!
Well done to Tiwa and Jack, who really enjoyed making our Chinese New Year lanterns and dragon puppets! Both children put in lots of effort to create fantastic art work!
Great work both of you!

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