Spring 2, Week 3!

This week we were very lucky to have a visit from ‘Animal Life’, which linked perfectly to our ‘Amazing Animals!’ topic this half tem!

Animal Life brought in a range of animals for us to look at, stroke, and even hold if we wanted to! We saw a snake, a tarantula, a Fennec Fox and an owl.

We expected the snake to feel wet and slimy, so we were very surprised to discover that it felt very dry! We learnt that the Fennec Fox has huge ear to listen out for prey, and also to keep cool! And it was amazing to learn that the owl we met was not nocturnal, and in fact is awake during the daytime!

All of Nursery!

All of the children were super stars during the Animal Life visit. They made sure they sat beautifully and listened carefully. They remembered to stay quiet so as not to scare the animals, and they were all brave in stroking or holding the animals.
Well done everyone!

Finally, please see some brilliant pictures below from World Book Week:

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