Spring 2, Week 5!

This week we have been thinking about why we celebrate Easter, and that Jesus died on the cross, but rose again.

Because Easter is such a special time for Christians, we wanted to celebrate the occasion by making ‘Positive Pebbles’ and leaving them around school and the local community.

In Nursery we painted our pebbles in bright colours, and Sara helped us write a positive word on them such as ‘Love’, ‘Joy’ and ‘Peace’. We then placed some around school and in Red Cross Gardens for the school and local community to find! We hope that finding a beautifully decorated pebble with a wonderful, positive message on it will make someone’s day!

Please see the photos of our class making the pebbles and placing them around the local area…

Jack and Joseph
We have been so impressed with Jack and Joseph in Phonics this week. Both boys have made lots of progress with recognising their sounds and applying their phonic knowledge to their writing since September!
Well done both of you!

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