Autumn 2, Week 5!

This week we have been learning the names of 2D shapes, and looking for them in both our inside and outside classrooms!

We chose 2 shapes each to make shape snowmen, which will form a wonderful wintery display in our classroom!

Our Christmas display board that we worked so hard on last week, is also now up in the school hall!

Julie-Maria & Nina!

Well done to both girls, who enjoyed creating shape snowmen, and were keen to find shapes around the classroom!
You are both superstars!

Autumn 2, Week 4!

This week we have been learning about the Nativity story. We read the story and talked about what happened and why Christmas is such a special time for Christians.

We then used what we had learnt to create some fantastic art work which will be part of a joint Christmas display board with Reception and Year 1!

Our job in Nursery was to create Mary, baby Jesus in the manger, and the stars. We used a selection of materials including paint, coloured paper and glitter. This activity was great for our fine motor skills, as it included cutting, gluing, sprinkling glitter and using paintbrushes and sponges to create our desired effect.

Here are some pictures of us creating our artwork…

A photo of the finished display board is to follow!

All of Nursery!

Well done to everyone for putting in such a great effort to create some wonderful pieces for our Christmas display board!

Autumn 2, Week 3!

This week is World Nursery Rhyme Week!

We have enjoyed singing lots of Nursery Rhymes, and engaging in Nursery Rhyme activities!

Each day, we have had a different Nursery Rhyme that we have focussed on, including Miss Polly Had A Dolly, 5 Little Speckled Frogs and Hickory Dickory Dock!

We thought about how to care for a poorly baby, and wrote a prescription to Polly from the Doctor. The children were encouraged to hear the initial sounds in the words they were writing, and to find the corresponding letter on the letter mat!

In Maths, we counted out the 5 speckled frogs, and ordered them according to size. We thought about the mathematical vocabulary we could use when ordering them including ‘biggest’ and ‘smallest’.

We also enjoyed acting out 5 Little Speckled Frogs in the water, making our own Old MacDonald scenes with the fuzzy felt shapes, and practicing our colouring skills!

Kiara and Jack!
Well done to Kiara and Jack, who have really enjoyed World Nursery Rhyme Week, joining in enthusiastically with the different songs and their actions!

Autumn 2, Week 2!

During this half term our topic is ‘Traditional Tales’. This week we read ‘Little Red Riding Hood’ and discussed the characters, the setting, and the main elements of the story.

We then packed the basket that Little Red Riding Hood took to Grandma, and wrote a list of what we had included. Miss Bailey and Sara were impressed with our confident pencil grip and control, and our ability to ascribe meanings to our marks. We are also now beginning to listen carefully for the initial sound that we can hear in a word, and record it!

Meadow and Liv!

Our Stars of the Week are Meadow and Liv, who both enjoyed exploring the ‘Little Red Riding Hood’ story this week, and could talk about the different features of the story.
Both girls could choose what to put in Grandma’s basket, and thought carefully about the sounds they could hear in each word!
Well done!

Autumn 2, Week 1!

In Nursery this week, we have learnt about Diwali.
We know it is the five day Festival of Lights, celebrated by Hindus, Sikhs and Jains across the world.

We read the book ‘Dipal’s Diwali’, and learnt that Diwali is a very special celebration, with colourful decorations including rangoli patterns, fireworks and special food!

We found out that Mehndi is a special body art drawn onto the hands and arms. We made our own mehndi patterns.

We also made diva lamps by moulding clay into a dish shape, and once dried, painted it and decorated it with glitter. Finally, we added a tea light so that we can light them at home!

Lilian and Joseph

Well done to Lilian and Joseph, who have both had a fantastic first week back at school!
They both enjoyed learning about Diwali this week, and created beautiful Mehndi patterns and diva lamps!
Well done you two!

Autumn 1, Week 7!

In Nursery this week, we read the story ‘Leaf Man’ by Lois Ehlert.
The story is about a man made of leaves, who blows through the wind to lots of different places.

We used leaves to make our own leaf men, and thought about where they might blow to, and what they might see!

This was an activity that gave the children an opportunity to explore story settings, as well as develop their creative and fine motor skills!

Take a look at their work below…

Well done to all of the children for completing their first half term at school! Miss Bailey and Sara are very proud of their progress!

Autumn 1, Week 6!

A Super Science Day!

On Tuesday, Nursery enjoyed taking part in Science Day!

We were lucky to have a real scientist talk to us about what Science is, and she helped us make rockets out of straws in the hall! We blew through the straws to see how far they would travel, and had lots of fun!

Back in the classroom we made paper aeroplanes, an took them outside to throw. We talked about how far they travelled and what helps them to fly!

Stars of the Week!
Nina and Tiwa
Well done to Nina and Tiwa who were super scientists on Science Day! They enjoyed carrying out our different experiments, and talking about how far they thought the rockets and aeroplanes would fly!
Well done you two!

Autumn 1, Week 5!

This week in Nursery, we have been reading ‘The Great Big Book of Families’.

We have been talking about how all families are different, and talking about our own families, and why they are special to us.

The children looked at photographs of themselves with their families, and used these as a basis to paint family pictures!

Take a look at the children’s fantastic artwork, that will soon be used as a display in our classroom!

Stars of the Week!
Nyra and Ella

Well done to this week’s two super stars – Nyra and Ella!
Both girls are continuing to settle into Nursery brilliantly, following the routines of the day, always being great listeners, and are also kind to all of their Nursery friends!
Great job, girls!

Autumn 1, Week 3

The children have had a great second week at school, and are becoming more familiar with the daily routines. They are continuing to develop their friendships and are enjoying accessing the inside and outside classrooms.

This week we have talked about what we see on the way to school, how we get here, and who we come with. We then painted lots of colourful cars, scooters, trees and flowers, to make a wonderful Nursery Street display in our classroom! We added photos of ourselves to the display too!

Stars of the Week!
All of Nursery!

A huge well done to all the Nursery children for settling into school so quickly! Miss Bailey and Sara have been so impressed with how quickly they are learning the routines, making new friends and developing their independence!
You are all super stars!

Autumn 1, Week 2 – A Fantastic First Week in Nursery!

Miss Bailey and Sara are so impressed with how well the new Nursery children have settled in this week!

We have spent this week exploring both the inside and outside classrooms, as well as learning the routines of the day, and getting to know each other!

The children should all feel very proud of themselves – it’s been a fabulous first week!

Please take a look at some pictures of us settling in…