Autumn 2, Week 7 – Christmas in Nursery!

Stars of the Week: All of Nursery!
Well done to all of Nursery for your wonderful Nativity performance! You sang with lots of enthusiasm and lots of Christmas cheer! Miss Bailey, Miss Godsell and Debbie are very proud of you all!

We hope that you all enjoyed watching the children perform in The Nativity on Wednesday! We are extremely proud of the way in which they sang and performed the actions with such confidence!

Thank you for joining us at our Christmas Stay & Play. It was wonderful to see so many parents in attendance, and the children really enjoyed having you all here to take part in our Christmas craft activities!

Please take a look at some photos from Stay & Play!

Next Week: We will be reflecting on all of the learning that we have done so far this year! We will also be wearing our Christmas Jumpers on Wednesday for the whole school Christmas Jumper day (£2 donation per child). On Thursday we will have an exciting afternoon as its our class party! What a busy week ahead!

Autumn 2 – Week 2

Pop! Bang! Whizz! Firework fun!

This week in Nursery, we have been learning about Bonfire Night. We talked about how fireworks look in the sky, and the colours they make! We also thought carefully about the noises made by fireworks, such as bang!, boom! and fizz!

We made our own firework pictures, by drizzling glue over black card, and sprinkling neon sand over the top! Take a look at our fabulous firework pictures below!

A leaf man’s got to go where the wind blows!

We continued to think about the changes that happen in Autumn this week. After reading Leaf Man, we talked about the different places he could blow to, and what he might see. We made our own leaf men with the leaves we collected from the playground!

Stars of the Week – Paraskevi and Adeel!

Well done to Paraskevi and Adeel, who worked hard to make their leaf men. They talked about where he might blow to and what he might see. Great effort, Paraskevi and Adeel!


Next week in Nursery…

In Phonics we will be learning the sound ‘p’. We will also be listening for the initial sounds in words starting with s, a and t. In Maths we will be ordering numbers up to 10. In addition we will be learning about Remembrance Day and thinking about how we celebrate Birthdays. Also in another busy week we will also be joining the rest of the school to celebrate Spanish Day on Thursday (Parents will have received a separate email with details).




Autumn 1 – Week 7

Old MacDonald Had A Farm – DT Week in Nursery!

In Nursery we used our Phase 1 Phonics learning about Environmental Sounds and the nursery rhyme ‘Old MacDonald Had A Farm’ to inspire us to make farm animals.

We used paper plates that we painted, as well as card to add the head and legs to our animals. We put the head on a split pin to make sure that our animals had movement!


Stars of the Week – Menata and Leonardo

Well done to Menata and Leo, who both did a great job painting their animals, talking about the colours they would need to use. They were also able to talk about how their animals were made, and what they liked best about them. Well done Menata and Leo!

After the half term break we will be learning:About the ‘a’ sound, and we will be thinking about Autumn and the changes in the seasons

Super strong fingers!

Developing the children’s fine motor skills is an important and essential part of the Early Years curriculum. The children take part in fine motor skills daily, within the Nursery classroom.

This week we have been using tweezers to sort pom-poms into colour groups, as well as threading beads!


Summer 2 Week 7 Happy Holidays!

Stars of the Week All of Nursery 

Thank you for being such a super class Nursery. It has been a privilege and pleasure teaching you and wonderful to see how excited and ready you are for Reception.

Your bright, cheerful characters will be greatly missed.

A huge thank you, also, to our parents for all your support, kind wishes and gifts.

Enjoy the Summer Holiday!


Summer 2 Week 6

Stars of the week Heidi and Samuel

Thank you Nursery Class for doing such a good job of looking after the class flower bed.

Although the bulbs, that the children planted, earlier in the year, are finally fading, there are lots of flowers, grasses and new seedlings growing strongly.

There is never a shortage a volunteers, to clear and water the plants, each day, and the children are always mindful to work around the plants carefully.

Well done Heidi for recognising what plants need, to keep them healthy. Whilst Samuel decided to use the bed to plant a seed, that he had found in the playground. What an interesting idea.

Summer 2 Week 5-Stay and Play

Stars of the week Albert and Noah

This week, Nursery children joined Reception Class to enjoy a, very active, Stay and Play session with their parents.

The sun shone as the children balanced, climbed, biked and bounced their way through the morning. We saw some skilful egg and spooners, super tennis and some hot shots at the basketball hoops! The children obviously loved having their families visit. Thank you parents for coming to share the morning.

Well done to this week’s stars, Albert and Noah, who never need to be reminded to keep themselves busy and active, in or out of the classroom.

Summer 2 Week 4

Stars of the week Anusha and Kayden

This week Nursery Class had a special visit from Blue the police dog and his handler Jamie.

The children listened carefully as Jamie explained how Blue helps them to find things that might be lost.

Blue showed off just how good he is at finding things when Jamie got him to find a small bag that he had hidden, under a tyre, in the playground. Blue found it very quickly.

The children asked Jamie some interesting questions and were able to give Blue a pat if they wanted.

We gave Blue a pack of tennis balls for being such a helpful dog and doing a great job.

Well done to Anusha and Kayden. You listened so carefully to our visitor and were very sensible with Blue the dog.


Summer 2 Week 3

Stars of the week Ezra and Betty

This week, after focusing on the story, the children created their own paper gingerbread men, in the busy, Nursery ‘workshop’.

Here, the children are encouraged to explore being creative using paper, pens, scissors, glue and various collage materials.

Both Betty and Ezra spend lots of their time making in the workshop area. They are particularly creative and skilful. Ezra focuses intently on his ideas, while Betty loves creating colourful and intricate pieces.