Spring 2, Week 2!

The Nursery children had a great first full week back! We enjoyed settling back in with our friends, and reminding ourselves of the daily routines.

Our new topic for this half term is ‘People Who Help Us’. This week we thought of all the different people who help us, including doctors and nurses, police officers and fire fighters. Our role play area has been set up as a Doctor’s Surgery, and our book corner is full of books about people who help us!

Take a look at some pictures of us settling back in this week…

Stars of the Week!
Tinbite and Joyce

Miss Bailey and Sara are so impressed with how well Tinbite and Joyce have come back to school. They are both following the routines of the day well, and responding to instructions and questions! Well done to both of you!

Autumn 2, Week 7!

Here in Nursery we have been getting into the full swing of Christmas!

This week there have been lots of exciting Christmas activities that we have been taking part in!

On Tuesday we had lots of fun at our Christmas party, playing games and dancing! We even had gifts left for us under the Christmas tree!

We also visited the Frosty Fair in the hall and enjoyed the different activities including decorating a Christmas decoration, Christmas colouring, winning a prize in the lucky dip, and of course meeting Santa!

We enjoyed a special Christmas lunch in our classroom with Christmas crackers, Christmas music and hats! It was so much fun!

Stars of the Week!
All of the Nursery children!

Miss Bailey and Sara are so proud of all of the children this week, for their fantastic performance in the Nativity! Everyone sang so beautifully and joined in with the actions with such enthusiasm!

We thank you all for your support during the children’s first term at school, and wish you all a relaxing Christmas break and best wishes for the new year!

Autumn 2, Week 6!

This week in Maths we have been learning the names of some 2D shapes. We made shape snowmen, choosing the shape of their head and body, and trying hard to remember the names of those shapes.

We also looked around the Nursery to find lots of shapes hidden within it!
“The clock is a circle shape” – Sadie
“The books are squares” – Harry
“The window is rectangle” – Arabella

Stars of the Week:
Tinbite and Arabella!

Tinbite and Arabella enjoyed making shape pictures this week. They are both able to name some 2D shapes, and helped Miss Bailey to find shapes hidden in our classroom. Great work you two!

Autumn 2, Week 5!

It has been another very busy week in Nursery, as we begin to think about Christmas!

This week we have enjoyed talking about what happens in the Nativity Story, and the special people in it.

We have also been learning our songs and the actions for both the Cathedral service and our Nativity play.

We also walked around the playground in partners, in preparation for our walk to the Cathedral next week. We had to listen carefully and respond appropriately to instructions. Everyone did really well!

Stars of the Week!

Sadie and Elishua

Well done to Sadie and Elishua who have both been singing our Christmas songs with so much enthusiasm this week, as well as remembering all the actions!
Well done, you are super stars!

Next week in Nursery we will be:
– Learning about the letter P
– Writing Christmas cards
– Learning about 2D shapes
– Practicing our Cathedral and Nativity songs!

Autumn 2, Week 4!

This week in Nursery we have been working really hard in Phonics, exploring the sounds we have already learnt at school.

We have been reading ‘Little Red Riding Hood’, and wrote lists of what we would put in a basket for Grandma.

Stars of the Week!

Well done to Diya and Lottie, who both thought carefully about what they would write on their list. They used their phonic knowledge to listen out for and record the initial sound that they could hear in each word.

Super work both of you!

We have also started learning the Nativity story. This week we have busy with the Reception class, creating some fantastic art work for the Christmas display in the hall. We used felt and coloured paper to collage Mary, Joseph, baby Jesus and the animals. We also painted and decorated some stars, to make a wonderful Nativity scene!

Autumn 2, Week 3!

This week in Nursery we have been practicing our number recognition, our 1:1 counting skills, and matching a number to a quantity.

We made ladybirds and counted out the number of spots they would need, as well as the number that matched the amount of spots. Take a look at our fantastic ladybird display!

We also finished our diva lamps this week, after learning about how Diwali is celebrated last week!
We moulded clay into a dish shape, and nce dried, painted it and decorated it with glitter. Finally, we added a tea light so that we can light them at home!

Stars of the Week

Well done to Leo and Marley who worked really hard this week in Maths, identifying numbers 0-10, and counting out groups carefully.
Great work you two!

Autumn 2, Week 2!

This week in Nursery we have been learning about Diwali, the festival of light that is celebrated by Hindus, Sikhs and Jains all over the world. We read a book called ‘Dipal’s Diwali’.

We learnt that Diwali is a very special celebration, with colourful decorations including rangoli patterns, fireworks and special food.
Mehndi is a special body art drawn onto the hands and arms. We made our own mehndi patterns.

Stars of the week
Ryan and Joyce

Well done to Ryan and Joyce who enjoyed reading ‘Goldilocks and the Three Bears’ this week. They were both able to talk about what was happening in the pictures, with support. Well done you two!

Next week in Nursery we will be:
– Working on our number recognition, and matching numbers to quantities.
– Learning about the letter ‘a’.
– Beginning to learn about the story of Christmas.

Autumn 2, Week 1!

Stars of the week – All of Nursery!

Well done to all the Nursery children for coming back to school after the half term and remembering all of the daily routines and rules of the classroom, as well as being fantastic learners! Keep up the great work!

This week we have been reading the story of ‘Goldilocks and the Three Bears’. We have been thinking about different mathematical vocabulary we can use to describe the sizes of Daddy, Mummy and Baby Bear, and their belongings.
The children ordered different objects according to size, including the bowls, chair and beds that belonged to the bears!

We also learnt that Bonfire Night is on November 5th. We made firework pictures by rolling marbles covered in paint over black card. We sprinkled glitter over them to make them sparkle! We also thought about the sounds fireworks make such as ‘bang!’, ‘whoosh!’ and ‘sizzle!’

Take a look at our wonderful pictures…

Next week in Nursery:
– In Phonics, we will look at the letter ‘s’, and the sound it makes.
– In Literacy we will be re-telling the story of Goldilocks using puppets and role play!
– We will learn about Diwali.

Autumn 1, Week 7

Miss Bailey and Sara can’t believe that Nursery have completed their first half term at Cathedral School! We are so proud of all of you for settling in and growing in independence over the past few week!

This week in Nursery our learning has been based around Autumn.

In Maths we have been learning the very tricky concept of repeating patterns. We had lots of fun exploring pattern and trying to create our own using autumnal resources such as acorns and berries. Take a look at some pictures of us enjoying exploring and creating autumn patterns!

Stars of the Week –
Arabella and Harry!

To continue our Autumn theme, we also read ‘Leaf Man’ by Lois Ehlert, and made our own leaf men, imagining where they might blow to.

Well done to Arabella and Harry, who worked really hard sticking the leaves onto their pictures, and thinking of exciting places for their leaf men to blow to!

Autumn 1, Week 6

The children in Nursery have enjoyed another great week of learning, developing relationships with their peers and the staff, as well as becoming more confident and independent!

Take a look at these pictures of the children exploring the different learning areas!

Stars of the Week – Sadie and Dominic!

This week we have been reading ‘We’re Going on a Bear Hunt’ by Michael Rosen, thinking about all the different sounds we could hear if we were to go on a bear hunt too!

Well done to Sadie and Dominic who enjoyed taking part in the story actions, and could talk about the different sounds we would hear on a bear hunt!

Next week in Nursery:
– In Phonics, we will continue to think about the sounds we can hear around us.
– In Literacy we will be reading the story ‘Leaf Man’ by Lois Ehlert.
– In Maths we will be learning about and creating our own patterns!