Spring 2, Week 4 – Look how far we have come!

Stars of the Week: All of Nursery

This week in Nursery, we all had the chance to show how far we have come with our learning! Just take a look at our name writing to see how far we have come! Well done to all of you Nursery, Miss Bailey, Miss Godsell and Debbie are very proud of you!

Next Week: Our learning will move online. All children have a home learning pack to work through and daily learning activities will be posted on the blog.

Spring 2, Week 3 – All Creatures Great and Small!

Stars of The Week: Kayleigh & Harry

This week Nursery have been learning about how Christians believe God created the world. Kayleigh and Harry thought carefully about different things that God created. They suggested lots of different animals and plants that they are thankful for. Well Done!

Here is a poem that might help you remember what God created.

Day one brought heaven earth and light.
It must have been so very bright!
Day two God made the clear blue sky.
A place for many birds to fly.
Day three brought land apart from seas.
With all the plants grass and trees.
Day four shone forth moon, stars and sun.
The work of God was not yet done.
Day five we see the fish and birds.
God did all of this with just His words.
Day six God formed all beasts and man
To finish His creation plan.
Day seven was especially blessed,
A day for worship and for rest.

What are you thankful for that God created?

Next week: Next week in Nursery we will be showing the teachers how much we have learnt! We are going to be reviewing all the sounds we have learned in Phonics and also showing how we can use these to help us write about animals.

World Book Day!

Today we enjoyed celebrating World Book Day!

We dressed up in costumes of characters from different books. Can you guess who we are?

We also had a lovely time reading with our Year 3 Buddies – thank you for visiting us Class 3!

And finally we had a mystery reader… Mr Scott! He shared the book ‘Tiddler’ with us. Thank you Mr Scott!

What a busy book day!

Wonderful Animals – Spring 2, Week 2

Stars of the week: Reggie and Cecily
This week in Nursery we have been learning about different kinds of animals. Cecily and Reggie have shown great enthusiasm for their learning and when Jo from Animals UK came to visit they were gentle with all the animals that they got to stroke. Well Done!

In Nursery this week we had a visit from Animals UK. Jo bought lots of different animals that we were able to learn about and see. We got to meet:
Daisy and Toby the tortoises
Jessie the Burmese Python
Danny the Bearded Dragon
Sophie the Skunk
Angus the Lesser Tenrec
Amy the Fennec Fox

We got to stroke lots of the animals – and we even hard to work as teams to lift up Jessie. We loved meeting and learning all about the animals.

Here are some photos of our animal visit.

There will be more photos of us later in the week when it is World Book Day!

Spring 1, Week 6 – Strong fingers help us to be great writers!

Stars of the Week: Jayvaughn and Ari

In Nursery we are always finding ways to make our fingers strong. This helps us to be better writers. Jayvaughn and Ari are always enthusiastic about their writing and find activities in the classroom that help make their fingers strong.

Here are some photos of some of activities that we do in one day at Nursery to strengthen the muscles in our hands so we can hold a pencil properly. Here are some ideas you might like to try at home.
Squeeze and pinch balls of playdough.
Use dot markers on a white board.
Use cut straws to make a necklace.
Thread beads onto pipe cleaners.

Next half term: We will be looking at the animals of the land and sea. Book Week is the second week back, with World Book Day being celebrated on Friday 6th March.

Over the half term holiday, we would love if you could please collect any environmental texts, such as logos from cereal boxes, chocolate bars, catalogues, or that you see in the street that your child can ‘read’. We will be putting these up on display in the classroom to show what great readers we are!

Spring 1, Week 5 – Nee Naw! Here come the Firefighters!

Stars of the Week: Mila & Leonardo

On Wednesday afternoon, Nursery were lucky enough to have the firefighters from Dowgate fire station visit. They also bought their fire engine.

The firefighters told us how they help people. We learned that they don’t just put out fire but they might help people who have had an accident or might need a bit of help. We saw the uniform that they wear like their boots, special trousers, a jacket and helmet. All of these things protect them. We even got to try the helmet on!

We looked around the fire engine and saw that they have lots and lots of hoses! We tried to find all of the ladders that they have – some were easier than others. We heard the loud siren and thought about why the fire engine has a siren.

We also got to squirt the fire hose! We had to pull the handle back and then the water came out very fast and we could squirt it up high into the sky!

We had a great time and learned lots about how firefighters help us! More photos of us will be uploaded in the next few days.

Next week: In Phonics we will be learning the /o/ sound. In Maths we will be comparing two amounts such as more and less. We will also be reflecting on our learning from the last half term for Parents Evening. If you have any evidence to upload onto Evidence Me, please do – we love seeing the amazing learning happening at home.

Spring 1, Week 4 – We can make a rainbow!

This week we explored colours and how to make new colours. We used the primary colours – red, yellow and blue – and we mixed them to make a new colour! We found out that red and yellow made orange, red and blue made purple and yellow and blue made green.

We chose our favourite colours and said why we like it! What is your favourite colour?

Here is our display about colour mixing. You can see it in the Key Stage 2 Corridor.

Next Week: In Phonics we will be learning about ‘g’. On Wednesday we will have the firefighters visiting us (a separate email has been sent to parents). We will also be celebrating History Day on Thursday. Our theme is the History of Me and children can wear cultural dress of where their family is from. Please fill out the form below to  let us know where your family comes from. If you have photos or artefacts of where your family is from, we would love to see them on Thursday – please give them to a member of Nursery staff, who will return them to you at the end of the day.

Spring 1, Week 3 – A visit from a taxi driver!

Stars of the Week: Annabelle and Jimmy

During our visit from Billy, Annabelle and Jimmy sat and listened carefully to all the information that he told us. The loved sitting in the taxi and could talk about some of the different things that they could see in the back of the taxi.

On Wednesday afternoon we had a visit from Billy who is a black cab driver. He told us all about his job. He helps people by driving them to places that they need to go. Billy told us that he likes being a taxi driver because he gets to go to different places and meet different people. He bought a map of London in to show us where he might have to drive. The map also helped him learn all the places in London – it took him a long time to learn them!

Billy also let us sit in his taxi. He told us all about what we could see such as the lights, a ramp for people who need to use it, seat belts to keep us safe and a special button to turn the lights on and off. We learnt an important tip that if the orange light at the front is on, it means the driver can take you because the taxi is empty but if it is off they already have someone in!

Thank you for visiting Nursery, Billy!


Spring 1, Week 2 – Exploring the weather!

Stars of the Week: Constance & Xanthe

Constance and Xanthe were able to think about the weather and what kinds of clothing that we need to wear. In summer they know we need to wear clothes that keep us cool and protect us from the sun. They also know that in winter we need to wear clothes to keep us warm like coats, scarves and warm woolly hats.

This week we have been thinking about the weather and the changes we can see happening outside. We imagined that we were going on holiday to a place where it was summer and it was hot, as well as going somewhere where it was winter and cold. We packed our suitcases, making sure we had the right things for the weather!
What would you take on holiday if you were going somewhere warm? What about somewhere cold?

We also voted on which weather we like best! What is your favourite kind of weather?

Next week: In Phonics we will be learning the /d/ sound. We will begin to think about the People Who Help Us in and around our community. We will also have a visitor on Wednesday – a black cab driver who helps people by taking them to different places in London!