Spring 1, Week 1

Stars of the Week: Jacob and Joshua

We practise counting everyday in nursery. The children are encouraged to point at, or touch items, as they count them, to promote their understanding and accuracy. This week, in maths, the children have also been using the language of addition. We used toy cars, in a pretend car park, and cups of tea, in a café, to work out the answers to simple addition problems.

Our stars of the week were able to read, understand and solve addition sums independently. Amazing!

Keep counting everyone!

Christmas time in Nursery!

It has been a busy few week in Nursery with our Christmas Cathedral Service, the Nativity and our Christmas Stay & Play!

This afternoon everyone enjoyed our Christmas party! The children have all had a fantastic first term at Cathedral School, so it was a lovely way to end the term!

Autumn 2- Week 5

Stars of the week- Kayden and Noah


Preparations for Christmas have begun in Nursery Class.

As well as finding out about The Christmas Story, this week, the children have been busy creating glittery artwork and rehearing festive songs.

The whole class performed bravely, in front of the rest of the school, during our first dress rehearsal; listened carefully to instructions and sensibly remembered what to do.

Noah shared his super knowledge and understanding of The Christmas Story, with the class, whilst Kayden performed the actions, to our all our Christmas songs, with real enthusiasm.

Well done boys!

Autumn 2- Week 4

Stars of the Week Jacob and Esra

An important part of being in nursery is learning about how we are with others.

This week our stars of the week showed kindness and concern for one of the other children, who fell over in the playground.

Jacob came over and gave our casualty a consoling pat and some kind words of comfort, while Esra rushed inside to get a tissue.

Thank you boys. You are real nursery stars!

Autumn 2- Week 3

Stars of the week- Malique and Samuel


This week, Nursery Class have been exploring 2d shapes, both in and out of the classroom.

The children looked at the features of regular shapes as they created pictures and patterns.

They hunted for shapes outside; climbed over, bounced on and crawled under and through, round, triangular and rectangular shaped equipment in the playground.

Well done to our stars of the week for recognising and naming shapes throughout the week.

Keep an eye out for more shapes in interesting places over the weekend.




Autumn 2, Week 1

Stars of the Week- Sami and Zoe

Whoosh! Bang! Flash!

Nursery Class have been thinking about fireworks this week. We have talked about their shapes, colours and the amazing sounds they make. The children created firework inspired shape pictures using multi-coloured sand and everyone attempted saying and writing the sounds to go with their pictures.

Sami and Zoe created beautiful pictures and thought of really interesting sound words to describe firework noises like shoo, pshh and splish.

Enjoy the fireworks everyone!




DT Week!

During DT Week, Nursery looked at different structures in London, including Big Ben, The Shard and Tower Bridge.

We talked about the London Eye. Lots of us have seen and visited it before!

We made our own London Eye structures using paper plates and card!

We used bright colours to paint our wheels and pods, to represent how the London Eye looks at night!

Autumn 1- week 7

Stars of the Week: Heidi and Yoki


As we reach the end of our first half term together we are really pleased to notice how much more confident and independent our nursery children have become.  The children are increasingly better at managing their belongings, putting on coats, eating using a knife and fork and tidying away at the end of each session.

Heidi and Yoki surprised themselves this week when they managed to put their socks and tights on completely by themselves!

Well done!