Summer 1- Week 2

Stars of the week Lennon and Lola 

Quotes of the week
How does it happen?’ ‘It must be magic inside there.’

Continuing with our theme of new life and growth, this week, Nursery Class have been looking at the lifecycle of a butterfly.

As well as enjoying the story of, Eric Carle’s, The Hungry Caterpillar, the children have watched real life footage of its transformation.

The children sequenced and labelled pictures of the lifecycle and talked about each stage.

Lennon and Lola were able to describe the lifecycle in good detail and made a great effort sounding out words for their labels.

Summer 1 – Week 1

An egg-citing start to the Summer Term in Nursery

Nursery Class have come back to school full of energy and enthusiasm and have welcomed an exciting delivery to the classroom.

As part of our topic on new life and growth, this half term, we are incubating seven eggs. This week, the children made predictions about what animals they think will hatch out. We had a range of interesting suggestions, including dinosaurs and alligators!

We’ll keep you posted.

An egg-cellent Stay & Play!

Thank you to everyone who came and supported Nursery’s Easter Stay & Play this morning!

We hope that you all had as much fun as we did making lots of Easter crafts. It was a lovely way to end another very busy term.

We hope that you all have an enjoyable and restful Easter break!

We are super scientists!

We had a fabulous Science Week last week, doing lots of investigating and experimenting!

We enjoyed colour mixing and learnt that we can make a secondary colour by mixing two primary colours together! Have a look at our alien colour mixing pictures!

We also took part in a floating and sinking experiment, making predictions as to whether certain objects from around the classroom would float or sink!

We made our own rockets and took them outside to test if they would fly!

Take a look at the photos of us being super scientists!


Spring 2 Week 5

Stars of the week Yoki and Rory

As part of our class focus on space, this week, we made blow space ships. We investigated the best way to make our space craft fly the highest and furthest.

The children put a lot of effort and patience into creating their rockets; persisting with the task of accurately cutting out.

Well done Yoki and Rory, your scissor skills are superb!

Spring 2 Week 4

Stars of the week Charlotte and Cruz

Nursery class love to build and each week the children’s creations are becoming more complex and interesting. This week we have a collection of houses with roofs, staircases, arches and windows!
Well done Charlotte, not only for your huge ideas, but also, for sharing your vision with others, so kindly.
Also, a super thumbs up to Cruz, who spent a long time making improvements to his building this week.

Spring 2 week 3

Stars of the week Sami and Charlotte

Sami and Charlotte are regular visitors to the reading corner and can be found absorbed in a book by themselves or sharing stories with others. Both children handle books with care, turning pages lightly. They demonstrate super pre-reading habits such as recognising the direction of the text and allowing themselves time to silently explore illustrations.

Making space for enjoying stories together at home, regularly, is the best way to develop a child’s interest and love of books. Just reading a book for the pleasure of being close and being lost together, in that story, for maybe ten minutes each day, is powerful stuff.


A brilliant Book Week!

We enjoyed a busy and exciting Book Week last week in Nursery!

We turned our role play area into a library, and enjoyed sharing a range of different stories with our friends. We also had a variety of books read to us, including our main Nursery text for the week – ‘Night Monkey, Day Monkey’ by Julia Donaldson.

We used this book to extend our learning by thinking and talking about things that we see during the day and at night! A fantastic display board of all the art work and writing we created around ‘Night Monkey, Day Monkey’ is in the process of being organised! A photo of the display is to follow…

We also enjoyed sharing stories with the Year 3 class, as well as taking part in a World Book Day assembly with the rest of the school!

On Friday we had a wonderful World Book Day, dressed up as an array of characters from our favourite books!

We hope you enjoy looking through the photos of all the fun we had!

Spring 2 week 2

Stars of the week Joshua and Ruby

Both Ruby and Joshua have made lots of effort to improve the quality of their colouring this week. They carefully filled each segment of their drawing, decided to make their work as colourful as possible, whilst making a great effort not to go out of the lines.

Although these may seem quite basic skills, colouring nurtures the essential development of the muscles of the hand, wrist and fingers. As well as increased dexterity, it encourages better hand eye co-ordination, aids concentration and demands that the child behave creatively. Ruby and Joshua were justifiably proud of the results of their labour.

Very well done!

A very exciting visit!

We have had a very exciting morning in Nursery, as we received a special visit from a team of British Transport Police Officers!

They spoke to us about their job, and what they do to keep everyone safe when travelling in London.

We were lucky enough to try on their police hats, as well as hold a police radio and handcuffs!

The officers very kindly let us explore their police van, and we got to pretend that we were real police officers!

It was a brilliant visit, and we were very thankful to the British Transport Police for taking time out of their very busy schedule to visit us.

Take a look at the photos below to see how much fun we had!