A brilliant Book Week!

We enjoyed a busy and exciting Book Week last week in Nursery!

We turned our role play area into a library, and enjoyed sharing a range of different stories with our friends. We also had a variety of books read to us, including our main Nursery text for the week – ‘Night Monkey, Day Monkey’ by Julia Donaldson.

We used this book to extend our learning by thinking and talking about things that we see during the day and at night! A fantastic display board of all the art work and writing we created around ‘Night Monkey, Day Monkey’ is in the process of being organised! A photo of the display is to follow…

We also enjoyed sharing stories with the Year 3 class, as well as taking part in a World Book Day assembly with the rest of the school!

On Friday we had a wonderful World Book Day, dressed up as an array of characters from our favourite books!

We hope you enjoy looking through the photos of all the fun we had!

Spring 2 week 2

Stars of the week Joshua and Ruby

Both Ruby and Joshua have made lots of effort to improve the quality of their colouring this week. They carefully filled each segment of their drawing, decided to make their work as colourful as possible, whilst making a great effort not to go out of the lines.

Although these may seem quite basic skills, colouring nurtures the essential development of the muscles of the hand, wrist and fingers. As well as increased dexterity, it encourages better hand eye co-ordination, aids concentration and demands that the child behave creatively. Ruby and Joshua were justifiably proud of the results of their labour.

Very well done!

A very exciting visit!

We have had a very exciting morning in Nursery, as we received a special visit from a team of British Transport Police Officers!

They spoke to us about their job, and what they do to keep everyone safe when travelling in London.

We were lucky enough to try on their police hats, as well as hold a police radio and handcuffs!

The officers very kindly let us explore their police van, and we got to pretend that we were real police officers!

It was a brilliant visit, and we were very thankful to the British Transport Police for taking time out of their very busy schedule to visit us.

Take a look at the photos below to see how much fun we had!

Spring 2- Week 1

Stars of the week Maxwell and Lennon

Some excellent collaborative work happening in nursery of late. Amazing construction projects, involving whole groups of children, tower building, game creating, rule making and finding out ‘what if?’

We have seen both Maxwell and Lennon cooperate and work as part of a team this week. The boys have thoughtfully worked on their ability to share and compromise with others, with great results. New friendships are blossoming and they are enjoying more successful interactions with larger groups of children.

Well done you two


Spring 1- Week 6

Stars of the week- Maxwell and Anusha

Sustaining concentration on a task, for a period of time, is a characteristic of learning that we hope to identify in our all children during the early years. Children absorbed in their play are continually thinking and developing their ideas. They may be problem solving, investigating how things work or using their creativity to build imaginary worlds; developing the skills that build successful learners.

Anusha and Maxwell have been chosen, as this week’s stars, for their ability to stay focused on classroom activities. Both children will give their full concentration to a task, they resist distraction and realise their goals.




Spring 1- Week 5

Stars of the week Zoe and Samuel

Feeling comfortable and confident in our abilities and ourselves makes for great autonomy in the classroom and consequent learning. In nursery, this week, we noticed how Zoe and Samuel have grown in their capacity to explore the classroom in a more meaningful and productive way; becoming involved in new activities and trying new skills. Both showed an independent interest in different tasks without being led by a friend or an adult and seemed genuinely proud of their efforts .



Spring 1- Week 4

This week, as part of our ‘People Who Help Us’ topic, we launched our new role play area, The Doctors’ Surgery. The children have enjoyed dressing up and playing various roles. We have had some very serious and extremely entertaining consultations; Samuel and Maxwell wrote up notes for Miss Polly and her dolly; Jacob bought his baby in with a temperature; we’ve had many crying babies, or ones off their food, not to mention the emergencies and bandaging!



Spring 1- Week 3

Stars of the week Ava and Cruz

Nursery class are all getting better at writing their names. As the weeks go by, we have noticed improvements in the children’s ability to hold a pen and have a go at each of the letters in their name. The children are forming letters with greater control and thinking carefully about the order of each one.

Our stars of the week are now able to write their names, independently, without a name card! Each letter has been formed correctly and with super control. Amazing.

Well done you superstars!

Spring 1- Week 2

Stars of the week Rory and Lola

Crawling, climbing, balancing and hanging are all amazing activities for promoting upper body and core strength; necessary for a child’s ability to sit still, sustain focus and keep steady for writing.

Climbing onto and walking across a high plank also takes quite a lot of courage and self-belief.

This week, our stars of the week found out, to their delight, that they were able to walk across the plank. It was an, ‘I just did it!’ moment for them both. A wonderful achievement!

Spring 1, Week 1

Stars of the Week: Jacob and Joshua

We practise counting everyday in nursery. The children are encouraged to point at, or touch items, as they count them, to promote their understanding and accuracy. This week, in maths, the children have also been using the language of addition. We used toy cars, in a pretend car park, and cups of tea, in a café, to work out the answers to simple addition problems.

Our stars of the week were able to read, understand and solve addition sums independently. Amazing!

Keep counting everyone!