At Cathedral School we value feedback from all stakeholders. Please see the results of recent pupil, parent and staff questionnaires below. In addition to questionnaire responses we also listen to informal, verbal feedback and comments collected during parents evenings.

The feedback we receive is used to inform the School Development Plan.

Parent Questionnaire 2014-2015

Pupil Questionnaire 2014-15

Pupil Questionnaire 2013-14

Parent Questionnaire 2013-14

Literacy Pupil Survey 2013



Many thanks to all those who participated, especially to our Year 6 buddy readers who supported the Nursery and Reception children in taking part.

A recent pupil survey (April 2013) of 72 pupils across the school (N to Y6) indicated that:

The majority of children read a few times a week or every day:

The majority for children feel they are good or excellent at reading:

Children enjoy reading a wide variety of Literature:

Children enjoy reading with a wide variety of people:

You also made some very positive comments about reading:

“I love reading because you can go into different worlds inside a book; fight dangerous monsters, sink ships, fly dragons and loads more. Also you don’t have to be Doctor Who to travel back in time; a book is your Tardis!”

“I think reading is excellent, because it gives the child an opportunity to read and learn new things. I love reading because I think each week I get better and better. I enjoy reading with my mum because she gives me good feedback and tells me what I need to improve on my reading. Reading is a great opportunity and we are so lucky to have a variety of books in our class.”

“Reading gives you great opportunities in life. It is very enjoyable and always gets you going. I have read many thrilling, page turning books and I have always admired how the authors write.”

“I think that everyone should have the chance to learn how to read.”

“I think reading is nice and calming.”

“I like reading because it helps me with my English. It can help me learn new words and information.”

“It is fantastic for inspiration or ideas for writing.”

“I think that reading is fun and enjoyable.”

“Reading is amazing it can help you throughout your life.”

“I love it, I like that when we read in guided reading we get to share our opinion about the book. I also like when we are allowed to read in class.”

“Reading helps you learn a lot and you get to experience new and difficult words which you can use in your writing.”

“It’s fun, I love to read.  I love reading because you can explore different types of books and be engaged it what you are reading.”

“I think that reading is fun you can use your imagination and and explore new worlds.”

“I am going to be honest and say, I love reading very much I read before I come to school and after school.”

“I think reading is really fun because books are interesting. It also good for our learning.”

“I think it is a favorite way of calming yourself and relaxing whilst working . It can also be useful in later life.”