Autumn 1, Week 4: A look around our classroom

Stars of the week: Henry and Aviva

Well done to Henry and Aviva, who this week did an amazing job writing a packing list for Paddington to visit London! They drew some lovely pictures of the objects and then carefully thought about the sound that the word starts with and wrote it down. Well done you two!

It has been another busy week in Reception, with many more friendships being made, and all the children ‘Going for Gold’ every day! We have also been working on understanding the Cathedral School is a rights respecting school and the actions we can do to respect everyones right to learn and be safe at school. Here is a sneak peek of some of our painting – can you guess what our Class Charter theme might be?

Last week you were able to see pictures of our first day. Here is a closer look at some of our learning areas!

NEXT WEEK: We will start our Phonics learning, looking at the sounds S, A, T & P. We will be practising writing our names using the correct letter shapes, as well as making lots of different patterns in Maths. We will be thinking about all our families and celebrating all their differences.

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