Autumn 1, Week 5: Make a pattern!

Stars of the week: Tehya and Ella
Well done to Tehya and Ella who were fantastic pattern spotters and makers this week! They both were able to find patterns around the classroom and then use either their bodies or stamps to make an AB pattern! Well done!

We have been exploring patterns this week in Reception. And we discovered that pattern are EVERYWHERE! We read the book Pitter Pattern and had great fun spotting the patterns on every page. What patterns can you see?

You can even make patterns with your body too – if you want to try, join in and dance to ‘Banana, Banana, Meatball’ – its a song all about patterns.

Here are some pictures of us making patterns in different ways.

Next week: In Phonics we will continue to learn the new phonemes i, n, m & d. In Literacy we are going to be learning all about our bodies and naming body parts. In Maths we are going to be sorting objects and practising our counting. We are also going to be painting some self portraits.

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