Spring 1, Week 2: Our new workbooks

Stars of the week: Laura & Grace

Well done to Laura and Grace who this week did some amazing writing in their new Literacy books! They thought carefully about the sounds they could hear in the words and then wrote down all the sounds they could hear. Well done girls!

This week was our first week using our Maths and Literacy books. All the children did amazing work in their books, taking care and showing a lot of pride in their books. We look forward to being able to show parents more work in our books soon!

Last week you saw us preparing our portraits and here they are on display in the hall alongside work from Nursery and Year 1. We are very proud of all our Reception Artists!

Next week in Reception: We are exploring the traditional tale Little Red Riding Hood. In Maths we are using our super subitising skills to start doubling numbers. In Phonics we will learn oo, ar & or.

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