Spring 2, Week 4: A trip to the Aquarium!

Stars of the Week: Raina and Louie

Well Done to Raina and Louie. This week they have shown lots of enthusiasm for learning about creatures who live under the sea. In their writing task this week they both used their phonics to write amazing sentences, making sure they used finger spaces and full stops and trying to use capital letters. You two should be proud!

This week Reception went on a wonderful trip to the London Aquarium. We had a wonderful time seeing all the fantastic sea creatures. Some of our favourites were the jellyfish, sea turtles, sharks, clownfish and the octopus!
Here are photos of our trip!

Next week In Phonics we will continue our review of Phase 3 trigraphs and digraphs. In Literacy we will be exploring rhyming words. As part of our topic work, we will be comparing desert and polar habitats, looking at the animals that live there. Children have also been given their lines for our upcoming Collective Worship – please help children to learn these.

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