Summer 1, Week 4: There’s a worm at the bottom of my garden…

Stars of the Week: Emma & Tehya

This week Emma and Tehya wrote about ‘Wiggly Woo’. Both children did a fantastic job! They used their phonic skills to segment words, and record a letter shape for each sound they could hear. Well done both of you! Keep up your super writing!

This week we have been showing all of the wonderful things that we can do. We learned the rhyme Wiggly Woo (you can listen to it here). Using our Tales Toolkit bags, we explored telling a story about Wiggly Woo. We wrote about what he could see in the garden, as well as some adventures he went on. Have a look at our fantastic writing.

Next week:Next week we will begin looking at Phase 4 Phonics! We will combine our literacy and topic work, exploring the parts of a plant and labelling them. In maths, we will be exploring number bonds to 10 – being able to combine two amounts.

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