Summer 1, Week 5: Sprouting Plants and Butterflies!

Stars of the Week: Alberto & Thomas

Well done to Thomas and Alberto who this week have used their phonics to label plants. Alberto has been working so hard on his phonic and writing skills and is making amazing progress, recording all the sounds he can hear in a word! Thomas is confidently applying his phonics and is now writing beautiful sentences, with finger spaces and full stops.

Here is some of our lovely labelling from this week.

A few weeks ago we showed you the arrival of our caterpillars. Last week they went into their chrysalis and then this week, they have hatched into beautiful butterflies! We are enjoying watching them fly around the butterfly garden. We also shared planting our seeds, which, thanks to lovely sunny weather and watering them everyday have grown – some of them are very long! Take a look at the pictures to see our butterflies and plants!

Next week: In Phonics will will look at reading words with long vowel sounds in. In Maths we will look at odd and even numbers. Next Wednesday is History Day, so we will be learning about and celebrate Queen Elizabeth’s reign.

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