A Picnic with St Joseph’s

At Cathedral School we are very lucky to have another school right on our doorstep! On Monday, the children from the Reception class at St. Joseph’s Primary School came over to play games and have a picnic with us. We played lots of ‘getting to know you’ games, duck, duck goose and games with the parachute! We also had a picnic together and it was really lovely to hear the children asking each other questions about the similarities and differences between Cathedral School and St Joseph’s School.

Reception’s Collective Worship

Thank you to all of the grown-ups who came to watch Reception’s Collective Worship this morning, all about our learning this half term around our topic ‘Watch Them Grow’. Miss Keohane and Sara are extremely proud of the all the hard work that the children put into learning their lines. They spoke so clearly and confidently on the stage – just like Year 1’s would!

Here is a video of our song:

Here is the video of all the fun we have had this year:


Last week, we were lucky enough to watch 4 beautiful butterflies hatch out of their chrysalises in our butterfly garden.
On Friday in the beautiful sunshine, we released the butterflies to go and live their lives in the wild.
We have loved learning about the life cycle of a butterfly and watching the tiny caterpillars grow, spin their chrysalis and emerge as amazing butterflies!
Then we went out into the peace garden and collected some ladybirds to come and live in our Investigation Area!

In English last week, we wrote instructions about how to plant cress. In maths we made bar graphs and tally charts about our favourite pets. We found out that the least favourite pet in Reception is a hamster and the favourite pet is a cat. What is your favourite pet?

After a lot of growing over the weekend, today the ducks moved into their bigger home in the travel cot. They also had their first swim in the water tray during fruit and milk time this morning. The children loved watching them splash around! We spoke about how ducks are born with the natural ability to swim and thought about how their webbed feet and waterproof coats help them. The children have been so confident and caring with the ducks- we will all be very sad to see them go back to the farm on Friday!

An exciting arrival!

On Monday, we noticed a little crack in one of the eggs in our incubator. Over the next couple of days, the crack started to get bigger and another egg cracked too!

During Tuesday night, the eggs hatched and out came 2 ducklings!!

Reception are so excited to welcome two new members to our class! We decided to call them Jemima and Bill.
Today, the children sang songs, made cards and read books to the ducks.

Here are some of the things we overheard the children saying to the ducklings today:
“This is London and you are in Cathedral School.”
“We are happy that you hatched!”
“Welcome to your new home!”
“We love you babies!”

International Week

Reception thoroughly enjoyed learning all about Thailand last week for International Week.

We had fun with lots of Thai themed activities around the classroom including…

Noodles in the water tray

Elephant Maths

Jungle Playdough

Decorating Buddhist Mandala patterns

As part of our learning on Buddhism, the children really enjoyed doing some meditation in the form of Cosmic Kids Yoga!

We also wrote letters to some Thai children to ask questions about how their lives are different to ours in London, learned about national emblems of Thailand, created Thai elephant pictures and decorated fans with the beautiful national flower of Thailand, the Ratchaphruek.

The children looked fantastic on Friday in their international costumes too!

What a busy week!

A Surprise Delivery!

Today was a very exciting day for Reception. We received a very special delivery from Surrey Docks Farm and when we opened it open, we saw it was 6 eggs!
Everyone made their prediction on a post-it note about what is going to hatch out of the eggs. The eggs will now be incubated for 4 weeks, which means that we should hopefully have some new members of Reception hatching during the first week back after half term!
What do you think is going to hatch from the eggs?