Autumn 2 Week 7 – Reception are true stars in their ‘First Nativity’

Stars of the Week: All of Reception

Reception, well done! You were wonderful in your ‘First Nativity’. It was so clear that you had put much hard work into learning your lines, speaking clearly and taking on different Nativity characters. We are very proud of you.

You also showed excellent behaviour and enthusiasm during ‘Stay and Play’, and were so welcoming to all your family who had kindly come along to do activities with you. Thank you to all parents and carers who came along to support Reception!

There are more Nativity specific photos on the ‘Other Media’ page, where the video also appears.



Autumn 2 Week 6 – Reception enjoy the spirit of Christmas!

Reception have had a wonderful week, enjoying many Christmas activities that we have linked to the curriculum. In English, the children have been writing to Father Christmas, using word banks and exciting Christmas templates. In maths, we have been counting baubles to go onto a Christmas tree and we have used our fine motor skills to thread the baubles. We are really relishing having a nativity scene in our role play corner. We also loved creating angels for our ‘Angels we have heard on high’ display, which is in the hall.

We are still working hard to rehearse for our Christmas Nativity Play taking place next week and cannot wait to show off our hard work.

Keep shining Reception!

Autumn 2 Week 5 – Reception rehearse The Nativity!

Stars of the Week: Sean and Krislyn

Well done Reception, you are doing such a wonderful job at rehearsing for The Nativity play. This week we have focussed on how to project our voices and use expression to show character. We have looked at different characters in The Nativity and shared our ideas on how we think they feel.

Reception are working so hard to learn their lines (well done again!), please continue to  help your child practise their lines and the songs at home. The Nativity will be performed at 9am in the school hall on Wednesday 12th December. Do let us know if you will be attending the ‘Stay and Play’ session after the Nativity, using the link that has been sent to you in the recent letter online.





Autumn 2 Week 3 – la recepción tuvo un gran día

Well done Reception. You were so enthusiastic and energetic during Spanish day. Excelente costumes from you all!

We all loved learning the Spanish alphabet, a maths song all about numbers and an exciting song about colours. Creating our own Spanish bunting, flamenco dancing and listening to a Spanish speaking storyteller were also extremely fun activities for us.

Stars of the Week: All of Reception

Autumn 2 Week 2 – Reception celebrate!

Stars of the week: Albert and Mia

Reception have focused on celebrations and festivals that are important to us and our families. We have been looking at the different ways that we celebrate and why this is so important. Reception continue to explore all different areas of learning that help them to discover different ways to celebrate life.

Reception are being sent home with their assembly lines today, please help them to learn their lines at home.

Well done Reception, another wonderful week of you all being shining stars!

Autumn 1 Week 7 – We’re going on a minibeast hunt!

Reception have been minibeast hunters this week, we have been searching for different bugs outside in the plants and in the sand tray. We have loved exploring our environment and looking at the different plants that minibeasts like, we completely understand why bees love lavender, water and sugar!

Well done Reception, you have all been stars this term.

Stars of the Week: Belen and Cameron Jeffrey 

Autumn 1 Week 6 – Reception design their own Big Ben for D&T Week!|

Stars of the Week: Marcia and Javon

Well done for an excellent Design and technology week Reception. We decided to focus on London landmarks, and have carefully considered what we would need to build our own Big Ben, we thought about the materials, such as card and tape and we considered how we were going to ensure our Big Ben remained strong and firm.

We designed our own version of Big Ben, and then built it and painted it together. Below are some pictures of the stages so far. We can’t wait to finish painting, make the clock face and then evaluate our wonderful design today!