Christmas Card Competition!

Well done to Isabelle, Menata and Jayvaughn who won the Christmas card competition for Reception! It was very hard for Mrs Scott to choose the winners as there were so many lovely designs! Well done to everyone for taking part.


Menata 1st place


Jayvaughn 2nd place



Isabelle 3rd place


Our Nativity!

Stars of the Week: All of Reception!

Well done to everyone in Reception for a great week! We filmed The Nativity and each child did a fantastic job, plus we have been busy with our other learning in class! You should all be very proud of yourselves, you will be able to watch the uploaded video soon! (Please click on the images to make them larger).




Autumn 2 Week 5

Stars of the Week: Annabelle and Astrid

Reception have been super busy decorating the classroom this week! Our theme is ‘Away in a Manger’ and all of Reception have been very helpful making stars, snowflakes, Christmas trees and different Nativity Characters for our window display. Well done on an excellent week everyone!


Autumn 2 Week 4

Stars of the Week: Julian and Leya

Reception have had a busy week as children have spent a lot of time rehearsing for The Nativity, plus it’s been assessment week! Our afternoons have been full of lots of fun activities and craft, we have continued looking at Our Community in our Understanding of the World topic and have enjoyed reading ‘Man on the Moon’ this week.

Lovely Learning in Reception

Stars of the Week: Isabelle and Oscar

Reception have produced some great work this week, it’s been a busy week with starting the Nativity and fitting in all our learning! In maths, we have been looking at 1 more and 1 less of numbers to 10, children enjoyed using their number line to find their answers. We looked at some tricky words this week in English and children had a great go at writing these words into a sentence. Well done on another super week Reception!

Nativity Songs

Dear Parents and Carers,

Please find the backing tracks for the 8 Nativity Songs below. If you need another song sheet or script, please let me know! (I have attached a copy of the lyrics below).

Happy singing!

Miss St Lewis


Song 1: Our First Nativity

Song 2: I’m A Little Angel

Song 3: To Bethlehem We Go

Song 4: Do You Have A Place To Stay


Song 5: Away In A Manger


Song 6: Three Little Shepherds Were Sleeping One Night

Song 7: Ride, Ride, Ride Your Camel

Song 8: Our First Nativity (closing)



OUR FIRST NATIVITY- songsheet only

Autumn 2 Week 2- Transport Walk!

Stars of the Week: Ben and Paraskevi

Reception have had another great week at school! This week we have been super busy with our autumn writing, learning about capacity in maths and looking at transport, which is our new topic this half term. On Wednesday, we went on a local walk around our school to spot different forms of transport, it was very fun and children ticked off all the different modes of transport they came across! Take a look at the pictures below from our walk!