Spring 1 Week 6- Marvellous Measuring!

During our Maths sessions this week, Reception have been looking at length and height. Children have used cubes to make different length towers then we have worked on ordering them by height. Reception have also been introduced to rulers and have had a great time measuring different items- such as their partners foot, water bottles and books around the classroom!

Stars of the Week: Justin and Ruby

Spring 1 Week 5- History Day

Yesterday Reception had a wonderful time celebrating History Day with the rest of Cathedral School!  Our theme was ‘The History of Me’ and lots of children came in national dress outfits or colours which represented countries of their family.  Miss St Lewis came as Mary Seacole, a Jamaican born British nurse who helped many in the Crimean War and Sara dressed up Welsh costume to represent her mothers nationality. Here are some photos below, enjoy.

Stars of the Week: Jacob A and Ava

Spring 1 Week 3- Jesus Helps the Sick!


Stars of the week: Lennon and Heidi

This week in RE, Reception have been learning all about Jesus the healer. We read the story of how Jesus healed the paralyzed man and a man who could not see, discussing the miracle which had taken place! Reception then passed around the class teddy, who was also sick, and we all spoke about people who help us when aren’t feeling well. Reception then prayed for other children who are sick and need God’s help.


Spring 1 Week 2

Stars of the Week: Joshua and Yoki

This week Reception have been celebrating Chinese New Year! Children have enjoyed learning about the history of this festival and made some lovely lanterns and Chinese Dragon masks. Some children also produced some wonderful writing on how different people celebrate Chinese New Year with their families.


Next Week…

Next week in Reception we will be learning all about Chinese New Year! Additionally, children will also be learning the following:
Phonics: Phase 3 continued. oo (long and short), ar, or.
Maths: Simple addition on a number line.
English: Writing captions and sentence structure.

The Nativity!

Dear Parents and Carers,

Thank you to everyone who came along to support Reception and Nursery at the Nativity yesterday. The children did such a wonderful job and they all made myself and Sara very proud! Thank you for your continuous support and helping your child to learn their lines and the songs- it all paid off! Here are some photos from the morning and some from our dress rehearsal, enjoy! (click on the photos to enlarge them).