Welcome to Reception!

We have had a busy week settling into Reception and all children have done an excellent job getting back into the school routine. Reception have welcomed some new children into the class this week and have done a great job at making them feel welcome and part of the class. What a wonderful start to the term!

Stars of the week: Lola and Albert 

End of Reception!

On our very last day in Reception, we enjoyed a little picnic over in Redcross Gardens! We ate some delicious fruit and sang some songs in the sun, please take a look at some of our photos below.

A big thank you to all parents for your continued support this year, you have been wonderful parents, have a lovely summer!

Miss St Lewis



Summer 2 Week 6

Stars of the Week: All of Reception 

A big well done to all of Reception for a fantastic Collective Worship. You all said your lines loudly and clearly and sang our song so well! You have made me very proud, it was a beautiful assembly and your last one in Reception! Well done.

Collective Worship

Dear Parents,

The video from Reception’s Collective Worship can be found in the ‘Other Media‘ section on the blog. You were given a password to access this content during the Autumn term. If you need any further assistance accessing the video please do not hesistate to ask!

Miss St Lewis


Summer 2- Week 5: Stay and Play

Stars of the Week: Joshua and Scarlett

Reception had their sports Stay and Play this week! It was great to see parents and children enjoy all the outdoor sport activities  yesterday, like egg and spoon races, football, hula-hooping and basketball. Thank you to all the parents who came along and supported, it means a lot to the children! Please take a look at some of our photos from the morning (click on the photos to enlarge them).

Steve Frew!

Reception took part in a very exciting event at school last week when the gymnast Steve Frew came to visit! Children got to enjoy a fun exercise session with him in the hall, where they complete start jumps, leg runners and press ups! It was a brilliant morning, here are some of our pictures from the exercise session. More photos will be up on the school blog soon!

Summer 2 Week 2- Chicks chicks chicks!

Stars of the week: Astrid and Gabriel

Reception welcomed some new members to our class this week! Four lovely chicks hatched on Monday and all children have really taken care of them brilliantly. They stroke and hold the chicks carefully, thinking about their tiny little wings and feet. As a class, we have discussed their life cycle so far and are looking forward to watching how they change over the next few days.

Summer 2 Week 1

Stars of the Week: Sonny and Tabitha

In our new unit this half term, which is ‘Watch them Grow’ Reception have discussed lots of different plants and flowers and we have spoken about different things which plants need to grow. Children used paints to create some lovely pictures of gardens and flowers to put up on display! Well done on another excellent week of learning Reception.

Summer 1 Week 5


Stars of the Week: All of Reception 

Well done to all of Reception for their incredible hard work this half term. Children have produced some excellent writing, maths and art work over the last few weeks and have made so much progress during this half term. You should all be very proud, keep up the good work Reception!