Autumn 1 Week 7 – We’re going on a minibeast hunt!

Reception have been minibeast hunters this week, we have been searching for different bugs outside in the plants and in the sand tray. We have loved exploring our environment and looking at the different plants that minibeasts like, we completely understand why bees love lavender, water and sugar!

Well done Reception, you have all been stars this term.

Stars of the Week: Belen and Cameron Jeffrey 

Autumn 1 Week 6 – Reception design their own Big Ben for D&T Week!|

Stars of the Week: Marcia and Javon

Well done for an excellent Design and technology week Reception. We decided to focus on London landmarks, and have carefully considered what we would need to build our own Big Ben, we thought about the materials, such as card and tape and we considered how we were going to ensure our Big Ben remained strong and firm.

We designed our own version of Big Ben, and then built it and painted it together. Below are some pictures of the stages so far. We can’t wait to finish painting, make the clock face and then evaluate our wonderful design today!

Autumn1 Week 4 – Reception shine!

Well done to Reception children who have had another wonderful week. We have been working hard to learn CVC words, to support our understanding of our class text Whatever Next. In maths, we have been learning to count to 20, using songs and number lines to help us. In R.E we have been discussing why we are special, as individuals, and have learnt about some of the special things that Jesus did.

Keep up the wonderful work Reception. It is so special to see you grow as a class each day and work so hard to act sensibly in Class, building new friendships.

Autumn 1 Week 3 – Reception learn respectful values during their first week

Stars of the Week:

Chiugo and Joshua 

This is the first week for Reception children as a whole class, well done to you all. We have worked hard to get to know each and learn to respect each other, which is shown in our Class Charter.

As a Rights Respecting School, it is important that we have a Class Charter to show our rights and then our rights respecting actions! We spoke about all of the things we have a right to at school, such as being safe, being respected and learning. We also thought about what we need to do to ensure that everyone gets those rights. As a class, we decided that the four most important actions are to be kind to each other, to take care of our classroom, to listen to each other and to always try our best!

Summer 2, Week 7

Stars of the Week: All of Reception

A huge congratulations to the whole class for a wonderful year in Reception! The children have worked exceptionally hard and should feel extremely proud of all their achievements. We hope you have a happy and restful summer holiday and look forward to welcoming you back for Year 1!

Summer, Week 6 – Sports Week!

Stars of the Week: Mae and Rory

This week was sports week at Cathedral School. We’ve enjoyed Sports Stay ‘n’ Play, a running race championship and a PE lesson with Year 3!

Here are some pictures of our buddy PE lesson with Year 3 where we practised our bat and ball and javelin throwing skills:

Here are the Stay ‘n’ Play pictures:

Thank you again to all the grown ups who made it to Stay ‘n’ Play, it was so lovely to see you all and the children thoroughly enjoyed it!!