Summer 2 Week 1

Stars of the Week: Sonny and Tabitha

In our new unit this half term, which is ‘Watch them Grow’ Reception have discussed lots of different plants and flowers and we have spoken about different things which plants need to grow. Children used paints to create some lovely pictures of gardens and flowers to put up on display! Well done on another excellent week of learning Reception.

Summer 1 Week 5


Stars of the Week: All of Reception 

Well done to all of Reception for their incredible hard work this half term. Children have produced some excellent writing, maths and art work over the last few weeks and have made so much progress during this half term. You should all be very proud, keep up the good work Reception!

Summer 1 Week 4

Stars of the Week: Mia and Mason

Well done to both children who have tried extremely hard in their assessments this week, you have really put a lot of effort into your maths and writing assessments! Both children also behaved very well on our trip to Pizza Express this week and made some great pizzas. Keep up the good work!


Summer 1 Week 3

Stars of the Week: Sonny and Eleni

Reception have produced some excellent work this week in Maths. We have been learning all about analogue time, children have enjoyed making different times on their clocks and discussing the hour and minute hand. Well done Reception.

Summer 1 Week 2

Stars of the Week: Krislyn and Aarav

Reception have been learning all about different capacities this week, doing lots of pouring, measuring and discussing. Children did an excellent job of filling their jugs to different capacities like half full, nearly empty and almost full. Well done on some excellent maths this week Reception!


Science Week!

Science Week!

It has been a busy Science Week in Reception! As the theme this year was ‘Journeys’ children looked at the story of The Hungry Caterpillar and produced some work on the journey which took place throughout this story. Reception also did some very exciting experiments this week. Our first tested the distance of paper aeroplanes in the playground and whether making one out of card makes a difference to how far it can travel. The second experiment involved filling some balloons with ice  and then freezing them. We then took the balloon off, sprinkled some salt on the frozen ice ball, then dripped different food colouring onto it, watching the colours stream into one another due to the trails formed by the salt. It was all very fun! Take a look at our photos below.



Spring 2 Week 4

Stars of the week: All of Reception

Well done to all of Reception for an excellent Collective Worship this week, you all spoke loudly and clearly and sang so well! All of you worked so hard to remember your lines and you should all be very proud!