Autumn 1, Week 6 – Reception Road

Stars of the week:Raina and Alexander

Well done to our two superstars this week Raina and Alexander. This week we have been talking about and drawing our families. Both children could talk about the members of their family confidently!
Well done!

This week we made our new display board ‘Reception Road’.

We read the book ‘The Great Big Book of Families’ and thought about our families. We know that families are all very special, but also very different. We made a house using icy lolly sticks and then drew all the people that live in our house.
Here are pictures of our display!

Also this week we attended our very first Collective Worship. We will now be going to Collective Worship everyday, so it is important that children are at school on time (8.45am).

Next week: In Phonics we are learning g, o, c, k and practising our sound-talk and blending skills. In Literacy we will be using our phonics to write shopping lists. We will also be thinking about Autumn and signs of the seasons changing. It will be a busy end to our first half term!!

Autumn 1, Week 5: Make a pattern!

Stars of the week: Tehya and Ella
Well done to Tehya and Ella who were fantastic pattern spotters and makers this week! They both were able to find patterns around the classroom and then use either their bodies or stamps to make an AB pattern! Well done!

We have been exploring patterns this week in Reception. And we discovered that pattern are EVERYWHERE! We read the book Pitter Pattern and had great fun spotting the patterns on every page. What patterns can you see?

You can even make patterns with your body too – if you want to try, join in and dance to ‘Banana, Banana, Meatball’ – its a song all about patterns.

Here are some pictures of us making patterns in different ways.

Next week: In Phonics we will continue to learn the new phonemes i, n, m & d. In Literacy we are going to be learning all about our bodies and naming body parts. In Maths we are going to be sorting objects and practising our counting. We are also going to be painting some self portraits.

Autumn 1, Week 4: A look around our classroom

Stars of the week: Henry and Aviva

Well done to Henry and Aviva, who this week did an amazing job writing a packing list for Paddington to visit London! They drew some lovely pictures of the objects and then carefully thought about the sound that the word starts with and wrote it down. Well done you two!

It has been another busy week in Reception, with many more friendships being made, and all the children ‘Going for Gold’ every day! We have also been working on understanding the Cathedral School is a rights respecting school and the actions we can do to respect everyones right to learn and be safe at school. Here is a sneak peek of some of our painting – can you guess what our Class Charter theme might be?

Last week you were able to see pictures of our first day. Here is a closer look at some of our learning areas!

NEXT WEEK: We will start our Phonics learning, looking at the sounds S, A, T & P. We will be practising writing our names using the correct letter shapes, as well as making lots of different patterns in Maths. We will be thinking about all our families and celebrating all their differences.

Welcome to Reception!!

Stars of the Week:All of Reception!

All of the children in Reception have settled in to school so well! In our bust classroom there is lots of lovely listening, super sharing and great getting along! We have all made new friends and have enjoyed exploring all areas of the class.

Here are some photos of us exploring the indoor and outdoor classrooms!

Time to shine!

Stars of the week Theo W and Ben

This week Reception Class have been practising telling the time. I was so impressed with how quickly you were able to make o’clock times on your clockfaces yesterday. Some of you were even able to make half-past times. Superb!


Summer 2 Week 5

Stars of the week: Ted and Abigail 

We have had a busy week in Reception with performing our Collective Worship and our Sports Stay and Play. As this week is Sports Week, in English  Reception wrote some advice to Nursery, telling them how PE will work next year and giving them some helpful advice. Well done to everyone on a brilliant week!

Summer 2 Week 4- Aquarium!

Stars of the Week: All of Reception

Well done to everyone in Reception for having a great week and a fantastic trip today to the Sea Life Aquarium. All children behaved so sensibly and had an excellent time seeing all the different under water animals. We saw sharks, clownfish, jellyfish, turtles, penguins and many more! You all did a brilliant job walking round the aquarium, well done!