Poetry Week!

Reception have really enjoyed learning some different poems this week. Children learnt about rhyming words and we read lots of short poems as a class. Reception had a wonderful poetry performance from the Poet Neal Zetter on Friday as he visited the school, please take a look at our photos below. Please also enjoy our poetry performances that we did outside! Have a wonderful half term.

Summer 1 Week 6

Stars of the Week: Nyheika and Lenni

Reception had a lovely time visiting the ducklings in Nursery this week! Children were lucky enough to see them up close and give them a little stroke! Well done to all of Reception for being so sensible.

Our Visit from London CLC

Last week, Reception were lucky enough to have visitors from the London CLC (Connected Learning Centre) and completed a workshop with them in class! Children had a great time using different equipment, including looking at minibeasts under the microscope and exploring virtual worlds! Here are some photos and videos from our session.



Summer 1 Week 5 – Cress!

Stars of the week: Oscar and Jasper

Well done on another great week Reception. This week, we have been busy growing some cress in class! Each child had a turn planting the seeds on the cotton wool and we have been tracking it’s growth by using cress diaries! We hope that it grows enough by next week, so that we can make some cress sandwiches! Well done for working so hard this week Reception!

Summer 1 Week 3

Stars of the week: Reggie and Nyheika

Reception have done some wonderful planting in the Peace Garden recently! Each child went out in a group with their own sapling and helped to plant a new hedge for the school. Everybody worked so well and followed instructions, we look forward to seeing in grow in the near future! Well done on another great week Reception, you have all worked so hard.

Summer 1 Week 2- Minibeasts in Redcross Gardens!

Stars of the week: Freddie and Xanthe

This week Reception went on a little trip over to Redcross Gardens to have a hunt for some minibeasts. Children worked excellently in pairs and looked in the pond and around the park to see what they could find. We found slugs, ants, ladybirds, tadpoles and many other exciting insects! Well done Reception, we had a great afternoon!

Summer 1 Week 1- PE

Stars of the week: Reggie and Adeel 

It’s been lovely having the class back after Easter! Reception have had great week, we have been looking at doubling in Maths, writing lists from The Hungry Caterpillar in English and we started some gymnastics in PE. Take a look at some photos from our PE lesson below!

Happy Easter!

Stars of the week: All of Reception!

Well done to all of Reception for a great week of learning. Children have completed lots of fun activities this week, including learning a bit more about 3D shapes, making Easter egg cards, painting patterns and making Easter baskets!

Have a wonderful Easter!

Spring 2 Week 5

Stars of the week: Lenni and Nathan I

We’ve had another busy week of learning in Reception. In maths, children have been looking at weight, comparing items and deciding if they are ‘heavy’ or ‘light’ which children really enjoyed! We have also enjoyed learning in our outdoor area a lot this week with lots of obstacle courses, hoppers and puzzles!