Reporting Assessments

We would appreciate your feedback on how the school reports to you on the parents’ evening sheets and the end of year reports.

From September 2014 all state maintained schools we will be delivering the new National Curriculum. (Please note an exception to this is next year’s Y2 and Y6 who will continue to be taught the current curriculum for another year as the formal tests for 2015 have already been prepared).

One of the more wide-reaching changes this will bring is the scrapping of National Curriculum levels. A nationwide criticism of the current National Curriculum levels has been that parents can find it difficult to know what level and sublevel is expected in each year group.

Since the Government have no plans to replace them with anything, schools have more freedom to choose how they track and report progress and attainment. Next academic year, the school will continue with a system of target sheets, similar to the current one, for mathematics, reading and writing but with the expectations for year group rather than national curriculum level.

We will also continue the established routine of alternate half terms of teacher assessment and more formal assessments.

The feedback we receive will help shape the reports for the academic year 2014-15 (the format for this year’s final reports is already finalised.) Please complete the form below.

Thank you for your feedback.