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Opening the Hummingbird Centre

Recently a pupil from Cathedral School was invited to St Thomas’ Hospital to help open the brand new Young People and Children’s Audiology Centre, called the Hummingbird Centre.

This is what said about the honour,

“On Wednesday afternoon my dad said something exciting was going to happen the following day. I couldn’t guess what is was and when he said that I was going to open a new clinic in St Thomas’ Hospital for the care of children with hearing loss, I thought, ‘Wow! Amazing! Fantastic!’

When it was time we were taken upstairs and there were some people waiting. The sign language person was my favourite because the way he did the sign language was encouraging. I liked the patterns of his hands and fingers.

I met a professor but I can’t remember his name, he was very kind and I shook his hand. He told me that I was a very lucky lad!

The professor said that I should help him open the centre because it is for children. There was red curtain that was shut and I had to pull a cord which opened the curtain and there was a plaque under the curtain. On the plaque there was writing which announced the new name The Hummingbird Centre (one lady thought that my name should be on the plaque too!)

Everybody clapped, I felt proud, more than proud! And Lottie, my teacher from Hearing Support Service was even more proud than that!”

Book Day

Book Day

Please click on the above image to view a full list of books you can buy with you World Book Day token.

Today the children and staff at Cathedral School dressed up as their favourite book characters and authors. The effort and creativity that went into the costumes was staggering. The staff were so impressed with the fact that all children could not only name the character they had dressed up as but that they could also describe them and talk about the story they appear in.

Some children chose to dress up as characters from a text studied at school (The Hobbit, Harry Potter, Wizard of Oz, Oliver Twist).

At Cathedral School we feel that one of the best things about World Book Day is discovering new authors and remembering forgotten favourites A very exciting part of the day was the ‘Choose a story session’. Children were able to choose a story from a selection before finding out which teacher would read it to them.

Which book did you choose to listen to?
Why did you choose it? Would you recommend it to others?

Reading Buddies

As part of Book Week all children in the school read with a child from other class. Some children shared their favourite books while others shared stories they had written.

Visit Class 6’s blog to see children reading their fantasy quest stories.

Lots of pupils gave their reading partner fantastic feedback on their reading including,

“I like the way your reading makes the story come to life.”

“Thank you for helping me with the words I found tricky”

What did you say to your reading buddy?

What did your reading buddy say to you?

What did you like best about reading with a child from another class?










Shrove Tuesday

IMG_2008Shrove Tuesday is a day of celebration as well as penitence, because it’s the last day before Lent. Throughout the United Kingdom, and in other countries too, people indulge themselves on foods that traditionally aren’t allowed during Lent. Pancakes are eaten on this day because they contain fat, butter and eggs which were forbidden during Lent.

During our assembly, Mr Rojas reminded us about the origins of Shrove Tuesday and we discussed things we could give up or start doing while Sara cooked a pancake from scratch, with the help of pupils.

The pancake was flipped in front of the whole school and lucky Miss Godsell ate it with a special caramel sauce from Argentina known as “Dulce de leche salsa”!

How will you be observing lent this year?

A Published Author

Outstanding Early Years Provision_COVER.indd

We are so proud to announce that Miss Scade has written a book! Last year she was commissioned by Practical Pre-School Books to write a guide to outstanding early years provision. The book entitled “Outstanding Early Years Provision in Practice” has now been published and is available from amazon and directly from the publisher, we also have copies in school that you are very welcome to browse.

The book aims to support practitioners and other child care professionals to achieve outstanding and creative provision using teaching ideas that are simple and easy to replicate.

Miss Scade’s book contains a number of photos of outstanding provision at Cathedral School and pupils in Nursery and Reception enjoying the wide range of activities.

Page 94 reads, “acknowledgement goes to the staff at Cathedral School, a dedicated team who do all that the can to ensure children thrive in an exciting and inspiring environment. An enormous ‘thank you’ goes to the children at Cathedral School who teach the adults new things every day!”

We are very proud of Miss Scade and her achievement which really showcases the quality of teaching and learning at Cathedral School.

Curriculum Evenings

This week, in response to feedback from parents, we ran Curriculum Evenings after school.
These evenings were designed to help parents support their child’s learning at home.

If you were unable to attend, don’t worry, you will be able to collect any handouts from the meeting at Parents Evening next Wednesday and Thursday.

What did you find most useful about the Curriculum Evenings? This will help us when we are planning our next one.

Councillor Dora Dixon-Fyle visits Cathedral School



Today Councillor Dora Dixon-Fyle visited Cathedral School. She praised the colourful displays, impressive standard of work and wonderful behaviour of the children. Councillor Dixon-Fyle enjoyed looking on our map to find out about the diversity of the school population. She also toured the school and spent time in Year 6, answering questions about her role and responsibilities as a local councillor.

We love being active at lunchtime!

Children at Cathedral school enjoy being active at lunchtime and our lunchtime staff work hard to provide opportunities to develop important skills including problem solving, balancing, skipping, catching, throwing accurately, choreographing dances and riding a 2 wheeler bike. The new exercise bikes are a fantastic way to develop stamina and provide an opportunity for aerobic exercise. The fold-away goal has been a big success and gives children the chance to practise shooting accurately  as well as working strategically as a team.

Which lunchtime activity do you enjoy most and why?

Class 3’s Candlemas Service

candlemasThis morning Class 3 led our Candlemas worship at Southwark Cathedral. They read a passage from the Bible which describes Simeon’s  role in the presentation of Jesus at the temple.  Next they reflected thoughtfully on the importance of light in our lives and how Jesus is the light of the world.

Finally Class 3 shared prayers with the congregation including:

Dear God,

Please help those who live their lives in darkness. Help them find happiness through your guiding light. I pray to you for my family who help me to shine brightly each day.


Everybody thought that Class 3 spoke with clear voices and wrote very mature reflections and prayers.

As well as parents, pupils, governors and staff, we were joined by Year 3 from neighbouring St. Josephs RC Primary School.

Thank you Class 3 and Father Bruce for a beautiful service.

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