A Great First Week Back

It’s been a fantastic first week back at Cathedral School.

[frame align=”left”][/frame]The feedback from parents on the exciting new playground has been extremely positive, and the children have certainly found it adds much fun and colour to their learning.

In addition, many parents have also commented very favourably on the new school newsletter which aims to highlight the important events of school life clearly and in a digestible format.

The children are also to be congratulated for the superb start to the year.  Both at playtimes and lunchtimes in the playground, behaviour has been impeccable throughout the week. Whether it is because of increased equipment and games opportunities which were requested by school council last year, or because of our emphasis on respect as a UNICEF Rights Respecting School, we have been especially proud of the children’s attitude and manner towards each other.

In a busy week, we also focused on World Faith, which culminated in some fantastic displays being made for the hall by all the classes. If you click here you can see a video of Year 6 taking responsibility for their own display – from deciding what to research on the iPads, to creating the informative posters on laptops, to printing the work out (using the brand new Pupil Laser Printer) to then finally putting the posters together with old fashioned scissors and glue.

And if you would like to know who particularly excelled this week in the World Faith topic, you can visit the Stars of the Week page! Ferdinand and Esther rounded the week off well this morning, as they did a great job of leading the Stars of the Week assembly, announcing the week’s Stars.

A Great First Week Back

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  • This new playground is very cool and colourful.

  • This new playground is very cool and colourful

  • My first week at Cathedral School was fantastic because I saw my friends and I saw my new teacher for the second time.


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