Book Week is here!!

Book week has started at Cathedral School and we are all having a fantastic time writing stories, looking at books and sharing them.  Year 1 have had a lovely time this morning in the Library sharing books with each other and a range of adults.

At Cathedral School we are dedicated to developing the children’s enthusiasm and engagement in reading.  As well as the enjoyment and learning we all get from reading a good book, a recent long term study has shown that the most reliable indicator of a child’s future success is whether or not they read for pleasure. These studies show that children who do so are significantly more likely as adults to be in continued employment, be IT literate, trust others in their community and vote.

During the week the children will be engaged in a variety of book related activities such as story writing competitions, reading with children from other classes, chatting to significant authors online, voting for favourite books and preparing performance storytelling to record and share with other classes.

We will celebrate World book day on Friday 8th  March (not on the official World book day which is the 7th) by dressing up as a book character. If your child would like to dress up as a book character please could they bring £2 to school in an envelope marked book week.

We really hope that you and children enjoy the activities we have lined up for book week.


Book Week is here!!

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  • Can’t wait for world book day! But I am not going to give away who I am dressed  as.

  • Book Week is here!I am reading lots of books.Book Week is here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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