Christmas Fair

Many thanks to the Parent Forum for organising such a wonderful Christmas Fair. It was such a good idea to hold it in the marquee at the Cathedral as it meant that not only was there more room for stalls but there was also more floor space to allow for socialising, which was a very important part of the event.

Everybody was impressed with the number of stalls from independent retailers and parents. Lots of people mentioned that they liked the fact that there were lot of things to buy and doif you only had a small amount to spend although there were also some more higher price items for people doing a bit of Christmas shopping!

The choir enjoyed performing.

The range of games was astounding  and children, parents and staff all enjoyed competing to guess the number of sweets in the jar etc. and everybody was impressed with the raffle prizes and amazed that the tickets sold out!

There were lots of free activities too, which meant that the whole school community could enjoy the fair. Activities included decorating Christmas biscuits and decorations.

Everyone in the school community really appreciates the hard work and dedication that went into organising the event. We are so thankful to have such a pro-active and supportive group of parents.

Thank you for raising £2000 for the school; it will be put towards the refurbishment of the peace garden in the spring term.

Christmas Fair

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