Election Day

On Thursday, the school (Y2 upwards) took part in a mock election. Four members of Year 6 researched the policies of the four political parties representing Bermondsey and Old Southwark and presented them to the school.

There were five rounds of questioning: Education, a safer UK, a more prosperous UK, healthcare and the issue of the UK’s impending departure from the EU.

The representatives were fantastic, on top of their briefs and explained complex issues really well for the younger
children. Year 6 were given 5 posters for each for political party and placed them round the school.

In the afternoon, the school went to the polls with a mock ballot slip for this constituency. Year 6 counted the votes and aimed to beat Sunderland’s 48 minute record in 2015.

The Liberal Democrats won 46% of the whole school vote. Class by class, they also were the largest party in all but one of the classes. In that class, the Brexit Party received the most votes.


The whole school results are included in the gallery. It was a very worthwhile exercise as we further explored the British value of democracy.

Election Day

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