Summer 1- Week 2

Stars of the Week: Phoebe and Maxwell

In computing this week we have been learning about algorithms. Phoebe and Maxwell explained clearly why we would need a clear set of instructions to programme our Beebots! We practised giving our partners clear instructions in the right order to see if they could make a matching Lego structure without them seeing what ours looked like. Next week we are looking forward to giving the Beebots some steps to follow.

Class 1 worked hard in gymnastics to move gracefully on their tiptoes along a balance beam. They discovered it was much easier to balance with outstretched arms and careful movements. We will keep working on landing softly with bent knees when jumping off the balance beam.

On Tuesday we enjoyed visiting Redcross Gardens to go on a wild plant hunt. We found out that dandelions and daisies are the most common wild plant in our local area. Class 1 are looking forward to planting beans next week!

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