Autumn 2 – Week 3

Stars of the Week: All of Class 2

Well done to everyone in Class 2 for such a superb collective worship. I have had lots of comments from other adults in the school telling me how much they enjoyed your beautiful singing and how impressed they were with your creative skills!

This week in Year 2, we have been learning how to login to our school email account and send emails to our friends. There are lots of different stages to remember and we will continue to practise our computing skills over this half term. If you would like to practise doing this at home, then just follow the stages below.

1) Type ‘chrome’ in the search bar so you can see the google home page.
2) Click ‘gmail’ in the top right hand corner.
3) Type your email address where it says email. (Remember to hold the shift key to get the @ sign)
4) Click ‘next’.
5) Then type in your password.
6) When you get into your ‘inbox’ you can then send an email.
7) To do this, click the ‘+ compose’ sign in the top left hand side.
8) Type your friend’s email address where it says ‘to’.
9) Write a message and then click send!
10) Read your emails that you have been sent.


Top Tips for staying safe online. Remember:

* don’t give away any personal information online or over emails
* only send messages to people that you know
* only type messages that you would say to your friend in person

Next week we will be learning about climate zones and continuing to recap the different continents. I wonder if you will be able to remember all 7?

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