Spring 2 – Week 3

Stars of the Week: All of Class 2!

I am so proud of every single member of Class 2 this week. You have all settled back into your learning so well and remembered all of the rules that we follow in the class to keep each other safe. You are super-duper Superstars! Also, a great big Cathedral welcome to Lacey – our newest member of Year 2! Thank you to everyone in Year 2 for making Lacey feel so welcome, and well done to Lacey for your kind nature towards other children in the class.

Cruz was our star photographer this week and managed to take some great action shots during our PE lesson this week on basketball! Thank you Cruz!

On Thursday we learnt all about how easy it is to spread germs. We used green paint to represent the germs – one person started off with ‘germ’ hands and before long the whole class had ‘germs’ on their hands! After this, we washed our hands thoroughly until the ‘germs’ disappeared!


Next week we are going to learn all about Fractions in our Maths lesson.


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