Summer 1 – Week 3

Stars of the Week: Hudson and Daniela

This half term we are learning about living things in their habitat. We went to Redcross Gardens to see what minibeasts we could find. Our bug hunt was a success and we found spiders, ants, tadpoles, flies, bees, caterpillars, snails and lots more!

Last week, we had a very exciting visit from the CLC where we made our own animation movies. We hope you have as much fun watching them as we did making them!

Aarav and Caitlyn Astrid and Hudson Ava and Eyoel Cam’ron and Tabitha Chiugo and Belen Gabriel and Masroor Gabrielle and Joshua Lacey and Mason Sonny and Osarenoma Scarlett and Javon Rosa and Ethan Krislyn and Cameron Sean and Marcia Daniela and Jacob

Spellings for spelling test on Wednesday 12th May

  • badly
  • hopeless
  • penniless
  • happily
  • lovely
  • joyless
  • slowly
  • quickly
  • careless
  • fearless

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