Summer 2 – Week 2

Stars of the Week: Javon and Gabrielle

This half term in Geography we are learning all about mapping skills. We began last week by using Google Maps to find local locations in London. We then found these landmarks on an aerial map. We discussed what it meant to have a ‘bird’s eye view.’ A bird’s eye view means what an object or a landmark looks like from above. We then drew our own ‘bird’s eye view’ of our classroom on a map. It was very funny to think about what the shape should be for a ball, or even a door! Great mapping skills Year 2! Now I can always use your maps to find my missing orange pens…

Also this week we have began practising for our collective worship. Please remember to practise your lines! I have uploaded the music for our songs to help with this.

Vegetables and Fruit


Spellings for test on Wednesday 23rd June (Homophones)

  • there
  • their
  • they’re
  • here
  • hear
  • see
  • sea
  • to
  • too
  • two

Don’t forget to learn which word to use in what context!



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