Summer 1 Week 2 – CLC!

Stars of the Week: Alpha and Amelia

On Wednesday, Class 3 had a very exciting visit from the CLC and learnt to create art on an iPad! The next day, the class wrote excellent reviews of the experience in English.

Well done to Alpha and Amelia for writing interesting, thoughtful reviews and thinking about their writing targets.
You can read their full reviews in the photos below.

Class 3 also helped to write today’s blog post! Have a look at the comments from the class below, as well as some photos of the CLC session.

We wrote reviews of our experience in English on Thursday. Here are our highlights of the visit:
Saraea: “I think everyone in Southwark should have the CLC visit because they help you learn new things like Book Creator.”
Shia: “If you clicked on the plus sign you would see pens, photos, camera and voice record.”
Martha: “On our cover we got to experiment with backgrounds and shapes.”
Morraya: “We took turns to take pictures.”
Shaye: “I recommend this visit to every school because they will like it and Caitlin’s jolly and fun.”
Charles: “On the app we learnt how to use glitter and how to change the background.”
Alphie: “We coloured on the iPad and on paper and we compared them to see which one was easier to draw with.”
Thomas: “We got to make a front cover with our partner and put our names on the cover.”
Amaris: “I would recommend this visit to other schools because I think they would enjoy it just like we did.”
Rileigh: “We drew patterns on an iPad and when you do that you can get different thicknesses of pen, emojis and glitter pens.”
Annamaria: “You can do it at home, not just school.”
Alpha: “You get the best experience to draw online and find out which is easier, drawing on paper or drawing online.”
Deborah: “I enjoyed making our front cover because you got to pick anything, like stars, hearts or diamonds.”
Funmi: “We got to take photos of different objects to trace over them with a pen.”
Rory: “One of my favourite bits was using emojis. My favourite colour was galaxy because there were purples, blues and greens.”
Terrence: “I enjoyed creating some drawings, making backgrounds and choosing emojis because it was lots of fun.”
Joni: “We learnt to draw on a tablet. It was very fun. We used glitter pens and emojis, and learnt to make the images bigger or smaller.”
Amelia: “I recommend a visit from the CLC to every school in Southwark because it is like art and computing in the same lesson!”
Nifemi: “I enjoyed tracing photos on the iPad because it’s much easier than analysing drawings and drawing them on paper.”
Polina: “I enjoyed making the patterns because you could use lots of different colours and keep on repeating the same patterns.”
Ben: “I learnt that it is easier to do art on technology.”
Noella: ” I enjoyed the different effects most because it was really pretty and cool.”
Fintan: “I prefer doing non-digital art to digital art because I found doing the right colours and thicknesses of pencil hard.”

Next week, we will be learning about fractions as numbers between 0 and 1.

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