Summer 1 Week 3 – Bikeability!

Stars of the Week: Charles and Polina

Class 3 have been working on their cycling proficiency this week with the team from Bikeability! Here are some of the things they learnt about safe cycling:

“We learnt about the ABC check. A is for air. B is for brakes. C is for chain. D is for direction and dangly bits!” – Martha

“We learnt how to turn safely. You put out your arm and look behind you to see if anything is coming up behind you. Then you can turn if it’s clear.” Alphie

“We learnt about the gears on the bike. If you switch to a high gear, you can go faster. If you switch to a low gear you can go at a more gentle pace.” Thomas

“You need a low gear when you’re going up a hill.” Rory

“I learnt how to do a quick stop.” Shia

“If you were going to crash into someone or something, you have to stop quickly by squeezing both brakes, staying on the seat and sitting up straight.” Nifemi

“We learnt how to get on the bike properly. You need to stand on the side without the chain and lean your bike down to make it easier to sit on your seat.” Alpha

These were our highlights of the training:

“I enjoyed when we cycled with one hand when signalling.” Kirstin

“I enjoyed playing ‘granny’s footsteps’ on the bikes because if you get caught you have to go right back to the beginning.” Charles

“I liked when we cycled in a circle and we were told when to use a high or low gear. I enjoyed changing speed without pedalling harder or softer.” Ben

Next week we will be learning about … right angles, investigating clockwise and anticlockwise turns and finding right angles in polygons.

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