Spring 2 – Week 4

Stars of the Week: Diane and Helena

This week, we have done some assessments and Class 4 have worked really hard through all of them!

We had our first recorder lesson this week and everyone in their class got their very own recorder to learn with. We had our very own recorder teacher who is very talented and he will be working with us to help us learn.

In science, we continued states of matter and we looked at two new processes: evaporation (which is when water heats to become water vapour, a gas) and condensation (which is when water vapour cools to become water again). We had different experiments that we observed in the classroom and we wrote down the processes that we saw.

In this picture, we had ice that was melting on the cling film, warm water that was evaporating in the bowl and water vapour that was condensing on the bottom of the cling film.

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