Online Maths Activities

We make a lot of use of online maths games and activities in school.  Some of the links below are our most popular.

Why not try some of them out and let us know what you think…?


Why should I play maths games with my child?


Children make progress best as mathematicians when they regularly repeat skills and practise them until they become embedded.  This can be quite a long process sometimes, and so the use of the context of an exciting game or interesting activity can be highly motivating.  In our experience, our children learn best when they are having fun and that’s what games are for!


Primary Games

You’ll find all sorts of maths content here, all presented as engaging games and challenges.

Maths Zone

Another collection of games and activities across the full range of curriculum content, mostly appropriate to our KS2 pupils.


Lots of fun games to play with children of all ages! (Hit the Button is especially popular when helping to learn number bonds and times tables)


Internet based games relating to Number and Place Value


Chinese Dragon Ordering Numbers

Learn to order numbers by playing this fun Chinese Dragon game!

Underwater Counting Game

Learn to count up to 10 sea creatures accurately with this fun underwater themed game!

Give the Dog a Bone

Explore the 100 square.

Spin to Win

Create the highest number to win the round.

Eggs to Order (KS1)

Ordering numbers according to place value.

Eggs to Order (KS2)

The extended version that includes decimal numbers too.

Super Sid’s Decimal Challenge

Can you match the decimal numbers to create the target number?

Ghostblasters: Operation Even

Shoot down the even-numbered ghosts.

Ghostblasters: Operation Odd

Shoot down the odd-numbered ghosts.

Splat Square

Splat the numbers in different colours. Play games, look for patterns and learn your numbers to 100!


Internet-based Games relating to Times Tables Practise


Teaching Tables

A collection of little games from the Primary Games website.

Robin Hood Doubles

Learn to double numbers up to twenty.

Multiple Wipeout

Burst only the balloons that are multiples of the given table.


Unfriendly ghosts are there to be shot at!


We hope you find these useful. If you have any further activities that you discover works at home, we would love to hear about it so we can share it with the school community.

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