Summer 1, Week 2 – Creation, Caring, Caterpillar Crawling and Climbing Challenges!

Stars of the week: Avani and James
Well Done to Avani and James this week who were fantastic at using our new climbing equipment. They enjoyed the challenge of climbing and maneuvering over and along the equipment. Well Done!

This week Nursery have been very busy!
In RE we revisited the Creation story, matching puzzle pieces and talking about the different things that Christians believe God created. Here are some pictures of us completing our puzzle.

We also showed our caring side this week, taking care of the baby dolls outside. We made sure that they were dressed properly and we then carefully practiced pushing the buggies around.

Some of the most exciting news this week was the arrival of some wonderful new equipment. We got a new caterpillar tunnel that we have enjoyed crawling through. We also got some fantastic new climbing equipment. We have been practicing climbing safely, and making sure that we are not rushing. We have also practiced our balancing, moving along the beams.

Next week: In Phonics we will be learning about the letter ‘h’. For the next 2 weeks, our focus will be on Dinosaurs! ROOOOOOAAAAAR!

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