Summer 2, Week 4 – Subitising Superstars!

Stars of the Week: Christine and Toby.

Well done to Christine and Toby who were subitising superstars this week! Both children are able to subitise – which is where you can say how many there are without counting! Well done both of you!

In Maths this week, we practised our subitising, comparing and sorting skills by being explorers! First we had to find some ladybirds that were hiding in our classroom. We made sure to use our binoculars! All of the ladybirds had different numbers of spots on them. Once we had found the ladybirds, we practised subitising and then sorted the ladybirds into groups. Here are some photos of us enjoying our subitising!

Next week: Arrrrr… we are pirate explorers, following treasure maps! In Phonics we will look at the letter w, as well as continue to practice our blending and segmenting by finding treasure. In Maths, we make sure our treasure chests are beautifully decorated y exploring patterns. We are also really looking forward to Stay and Play on Wednesday with our grown ups!

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