Summer 1 Week 5

Stars of the Week: All of Class 5

This week, Class 5 visited the Imperial War Museum. They had a fantastic experience and met two people who were evacuated as children: Jill and Bernard. They both had very contrasting and interesting stories. They told us about what it was like to be evacuated, coming to school everyday with a packed bag ready to leave and the feeling of staying on a train to Cornwall for 7 hours!

Class 5 had some fantastic questions for the speakers which generated some fantastic answers. Some parts of their stories were sad which made us appreciate how tough it was for some people to move away from their families, not knowing where they were going. This will surely be a trip that we will remember for a long time.


Summer 1 – Week 4

Stars of the Week: Daniel and Isabella

This week, Class 5 have continued their topic of graphic novels. They looked at different examples of pop art with a focus on Roy Lichtenstein who made lots of comic-type artwork. Lichtenstein used lots of dots to build up a certain colour on part of his paintings which Class 5 replicated using bubble wrap (to save some time).

Summer 1 – Week 3

Stars of the Week: Eliana and Kosi

This week, Class 5 have been lucky enough to use the BBC micro:bits. They have started coding the abstract images that will show on their digital flashcards they are going to make. Class 5 worked really well to decide how they can make a loop in their algorithms to ensure that all code is included and repeated.

Summer 1 – Week 2

Stars of the Week: India and Victor

This week, Class 5 have been finishing their topic on percentages. They are able to find an equivalent fraction and decimal to a given percentage.

In art, Class 5 have started their topic of graphic novels. They learned the names for different parts of the novels such as the panel and the gutter. They all had an opportunity to watch a video of an illustrator and draw their own cartoon character. All of Class 5 did a fantastic job!

Spring 2 – Week 5

Stars of the Week: All of Class 5

Well done to all of Class 5 for stepping up this week. All of the buddies have worked really hard to keep the school running without Class 6. I know that you will all make fantastic Year 6s next year!

In science this week, we have looked at life-cycles of insects and amphibians. We have learned how they change through metamorphosis, as opposed to just growing up!

Spring 2 – Week 4

Stars of the Week: Sapphire and Yonatan

Class 5 have had assessments this week and persevered to do their best. Well done Class 5!

In DT, Class 5 were given a task to make a structure that would hold a platform 10cm from the table. However, all they could use was paper and masking tape! All of the children did a fantastic job as teams and managed to make structures that would hold the platform and weights on top of it! One group managed to hold 12kg on top of their structure! As a class, we realised that you need to make sure you have a wide base, a low centre of gravity and lots of triangles (as that is the strongest shape).


Spring 2 – Week 3

Stars of the Week: Sarah and Luca

This week, Class 5 have been writing out The Highwayman as a story as opposed to a poem. They were all challenged with showing and not telling in their work. All of Class 5 stepped up to this challenge and wrote some beautiful descriptions. They all made sure that they used lots of figurative language to allow the reader to see what they want them to see.

In Maths, Class 5 have worked really hard with decimals. They are all able to see the connection between fractions and decimals and can convert one to the other.

Spring 2 – Week 2

Stars of the Week: India and Stanley

This week, class 5 have had a fantastic dragon themed book week. They studied Dragonology by Dugald Steer, which is a collection of information texts about dragons. They then made their own information texts about dragons of their choosing. Writing about the appearance, behaviour and diet of dragons, Class 5 produced some very informative work!

In art, they made origami dragon eyes. They listened very carefully to the instructions they were given and worked very hard to decorate them as well as possible. All of their artwork looks fantastic and we look forward to seeing it on display!

Class 5 also had  a fantastic workshop with authors Jan and Sara. They read an extract from their book First Blood from their Spymaster series and started the children off with a task. The authors were very helpful with writing historical fiction and gave the children lots of help with their writing.


Spring 2 – Week 1

Stars of the Week: Maidie and Sebastian

In English, Class 5 have started reading The Highwayman by Alfred Noyes. They read the first part of the poem and decided what the highwayman would look like. All the children had their own interpretations, but everyone included the main features such as his pistol and his French cocked-hat.

In Art, Class 5 finished their Native American pottery. They painted the sides of their pots based on designs they previously studied. They made sure that they used earthy colours in their designs. Even though pottery can go wrong very easily, Class 5 were determined to create fantastic designs!