Summer Week 2 – And all that jazz!

Year 5 stars of the week: Magnus and Ellah

We are very lucky this half term to be working with Pete (a professional Jazz musician) to develop our music skills in preparation for our performance at the Royal Festival Hall.

Pete taught us a wonderful song called Diffability. We are going to practise this song a lot over the following week and make sure that we have learnt this in time for our next session.

It was so much fun, and we are already looking forward to learning some more!


Please listen to the Diffability soundtrack to help you practise the song ready for our performance!


One thing ties us all together,
So we’re all equal from the start.
A beat that drives us on and on,
We can’t be set apart, ’cause we’ve all got this beating heart.

Some people can see for miles and miles,
While others hear things far away.
All different abilities.
Some people won’t hear what I say, but we’ll all see a brand new day.

Don’t you “dis” me, ‘cos we have all got, all got diffability.
Now you can see that we have all got, all got diffability. (x2)
Now you see, you see me.
I see you, we see through.

VOCAL 1: Now you see me. We’ve all, all got diffability.
VOCAL 2: Now you see me. Come on now, come on now.
VOCAL 3: Now you see me. You can see we all have diffability.

Don’t you “dis” me, ‘cos we have all got, all got diffability.
Now you can see that we have all got, all got diffability. (x2)
Now you see, you see me.
I see you, we see through the diffability now.

Summer Week 1 – The Highwayman’s final chapter!

Year 5 stars of the week: Thomas and Victory

Last half term, Year 5 enjoyed reading and studying The Highwayman. This poem inspired us to write our own stories. Some of the stories have been written from Tim’s point of view, some of the stories highlight the flaws in the Highwayman’s behaviour, and some of the stories have a surprising twist! We hope you enjoy reading them!




















Sasha Co









Spring Week 4 – Splendid Science Week

This week in Year 5, we have been celebrating British Science Week.

We began our learning by visiting the Science Museum on Tuesday. We saw a Prime Show involving magic, padlocks and a leaf blower…

After that we, we explored the incredible WonderLab!

In Science we have been looking at reversible and irreversible changes. An example of an irreversible change would be heating an egg, so naturally, for the sake of Science, we made cakes!*

* They tasted delicious!

Spring Week 3 – Bravo for Book Week!

Year 5 stars of the week: Albert and Harriet

Last Friday, we celebrated Book Week at Cathedral School by dressing up as some of our favourite characters. It was a lot of fun, and during our literacy lesson, we acted in-role as these characters whilst our friends tried to guess who we were.

See how many characters you recognise from our pictures below!

Spring Week 2 – Marvellous Maya!

Year 5 stars of the week: Catherine and Tito

This week in Year 5, we have been making some beautiful coloured masks as part of our unit on the Maya Civilisation.

In class, we have been reading our historical fiction text; The Corn Grows Ripe. In preparation for writing, we acted out a scene from this book. It was really fun!

Well done Year 5 – you have worked especially hard this week!

Spring Week 1 – Amazing Assembly from Confident Class 5

Year 5 stars of the week: All of Class 5

This week was Year 5’s collective worship. Last half term we had been learning about Sikhism and so we reflected on what this religion has taught us. Guru Nanak was the founder of Sikhism, and was a very inspirational leader. We discussed figures in the world who inspire us today such as: Police Officers, The Queen, Malala, our parents, Sports coaches, Mohammed, Jesus and many more.

Well done Class 5 – you did an excellent job and I couldn’t be more proud of you.

Spring Week 5 – A Fantastic start to February

Year 5 stars of the week: Taym and Alex

This week, Year 5 have had a fantastic time.

On Wednesday, we were visited by ‘Dr. Me’.


Dr Me is a project which is aimed at empowering children through promoting self-care and management for common childhood illnesses such as sore throats, vomiting and minor injuries.

It was extremely fun and we learnt a lot. Thank you to the knowledgeable Doctors who took their time to come in and talk to us.

On Thursday we visited Wagamamas where we made and ate our own noodle dishes and smoothies. We also tried a range of different noodles, and some spicy foods! What a fun morning we had! Thank you to all of the staff at Clink Street Wagamamas for giving us such a brilliant experience.


Have a safe and enjoyable half term Year 5 – you deserve it!



Spring Week 5 – Internet Safety Day

Today is internet safety day and we have been talking about different ways of how we can stay safe online. We began by discussing how we feel when we are…

We then discussed what we could do when certain situations arise.

Year 5 had lots of good advice for what to do, and they were also extremely knowledgeable on how to stay safe online. Well done Year 5 – keep this up!

Spring Week 4 – Fire prevention!

Year 5 stars of the week: Edward and Albert

This week Year 5 were incredibly lucky to be visited by the London Fire Brigade’s Education Team. Terry came in to talk to the class about how to stay safe at home.


Terry’s Top Tips for keeping safe:

  • Close the door behind you when you leave a room/when you go to sleep
  • (Ask an adult) To check your fire alarms once a month
  • Have a fire safety plan with your family and practise it (like we do at school)
  • Do not leave electrical items charging when you leave the house
  • Do not leave electrical items on standby overnight (television etc)
  • Do not leave lit candles or tea lights unattended