Autumn 2 – Week 4

Stars of the week: Samuel and Lyonna

We have had another successful week of Christmas play rehearsals. We have started dress rehearsals and are putting in place final tweaks before our video recording. Thank you Class 5 for your dedication and professionalism – our timetable is jam-packed at the moment and Class 5 are being really flexible.

In Science this week, we were exploring forces using a Newton metre. Class 5 learnt the difference between mass and weight, conducted these measurements on different objects in the class and discovered the relationship between the two.

In Geography we looked at the different physical and human features of North America. Class 5 have really enjoyed our Americas topic and next week we will be looking at the features of South America.

In maths this week we have been continuing our learning on multiplication and have explored prime, square and cube numbers. Class 5 have loved learning this new mathematical vocabulary and knowledge. Next week, we will be multiplying and diving by 10, 100 and 1000s.

Autumn 2 – Week 3

Stars of the week: THE WHOLE OF CLASS 5

Class 5 had so many achievements this week. On Wednesday, we took part in a First News competition with other London schools. A HUGE well done to Class 5, who came 2nd! They took part in quizzes, debates and had a go at being editors. The articles they discussed as editors will be in the First News newspaper next week. Some of the skills we learnt will help us in our English next week, as we write a balanced argument.

We had a successful week of Christmas Play rehearsals too and it is beginning to take shape. We will continue with our rehearsal schedule next week.

Autumn 2 – Week 2

Stars of the week: Chimamanda & Kyann

This week in Class 5, we reflected on Remembrance Day and class 5 wrote very moving poems inspired by the poet Laura Mucha. We will share some of them on the blog when they are published next week.

We have started exploring Forces in Science and The Americas in Geography. Class 5 have really enjoyed getting stuck into these new topics.

Our nativity rehearsals are going well. Well done Class 5 for learning your lines so quickly! We will spend the next few weeks rehearsing and I will share a video on here of the final production when it is ready. Please encourage your children to sing the songs at home and remind them that they need to be acting throughout their time on stage, not just when they are saying their line.

Autumn 2 – Week 1

Stars of the week: Leo & Tallulah

In English, we have had a busy week of grammar. We have jammed the week full of homophones, modal verbs and relative clauses. Well done for all your enthusiasm Class 5. Next week, we will be discussing global warming and reading extracts of ‘an inconvenient truth’ by Al Gore.

In maths this week, we have been looking at statistics and exploring line graphs. Class 5 can now successfully interpret data from them. Well done! Next week we will be interpreting tables.

In P.E. this term we are doing basketball. We started on Thursday by dribbling and doing different passes.

Class 5 now have their nativity scripts. Please encourage them to learn their lines and the words to the songs. The songs can be listened to on the music blog.


Autumn 1 – Week 7

Stars of the week: The whole of Class 5!

You have all worked so hard this half-term and settled back into learning brilliantly. You should be immensely proud of yourselves. I hope you have enjoyed showing your adults at home your learning and impressive achievements.

We finished our wire sculptures in art this week. They were inspired by the close-up flowers of Georgia O’Keefe.

Autumn 1 – Week 6

Stars of the week: Aden & Vivienne

Congratulations to Canaan and Sebi for becoming our Handwriting Champions from Handwriting Week. All of Class  5 put in so much effort – well done.

We have published our exciting Curse of the Maya chapters this week. Class 5 worked really hard on making their figurative language impactful and they managed to build up the suspense effectively. There are some extracts below. Next week, we will be writing Maya non-chronological reports filled with all our new Maya knowledge.

In art, we have been exploring the work of Georgia O’Keefe. Class 5 have been using their scrap books like true artists; experimenting, annotating and discovering different mediums. We started practising with wire to make our sculptures inspired by Georgia O’Keefe, next week.

Autumn 1 – Week 5

Stars of the week: Azaria & Leonna.

This week in Class 5, we have been writing the chapters to our gripping Maya stories. I have been blown away by the impressive plot developments, figurative language, use of dialogue and short sentences for impact. Once we have published them, please feel free to come and have a read.

We spent our art lesson in Redcross Gardens, where we used our view finders in situ to draw samples of nature. Class 5 are enjoying using their sketch books like true artists; building on their ideas, experimenting with different mediums and annotating their reflections.

In history, we delved into the world of Maya diets by excavating fake coprolites (fossilised poo). Don’t worry, it wasn’t real. Class 5 were very attentive archaeologists and, by exploring the poo, discovered the type of food the Maya ate.



Autumn 1 – Week 4

Stars of the week: Eayon & Canaan

Our discoveries of the Maya and Central America have continued over the last week. We made Guatemalan worry dolls, which are traditional dolls that children in Guatemala would keep under their pillows to take their worries away.

We have continued our learning of space and used globes and torches to model how we get day and night.

In English we have planned a chapter of our gripping Maya tales. Next week we will begin writing our chapters, trying to include all the interesting vocabulary we have built up this week. Class 5 have some fantastic ideas – we cannot wait to get started!

We have had fun learning about the Maya number system AND more advanced Roman numerals. Well done Class 5 for your impressive code-breaking skills.

Autumn 1 – Week 3

Stars of the week: Aya-Grace & Cecilia

This week in Class 5 we have been doing lots of research on our topics. In Science, we have been researching the planets in our solar system. Be sure to ask Class 5 to ‘wow’ you with facts they now know. We have been understanding the size and distance between planets by relating their sizes to fruit and vegetables!

Our research has continued in History and English, as we have been discovering information about Maya artefacts. We will be using this knowledge to bring our story writing alive next week.

In maths, we have been exploring numbers to 1 million. Please keep practising saying these longer numbers at home, class 5.