Summer 1 – Week 6

Stars of the Week: Morraya and Isaac

This week, Class 5 have been working hard through on their assessments. They have tried their hardest making sure to read all questions carefully. Their mature attitude towards their tests have helped them get through. Well done Class 5.

In art, they have been making their own comic pages. They decided what they wanted their panels to look like and filled them with a pre written short story or a story idea of their own. They are excited to show these on the blog when they have finished.

Summer 1 – Week 5

Stars of the Week: Ben and Amaris

This week, Class 5 have planted their sunflower seeds for their science investigations. We are waiting for them to grow for a week before we start our experiments. Each group has decided what they are going to be testing. One group are changing the pot size, another is changing the amount of water given and a different group will be changing the type of light that the plants get. We are looking forward to find out their results.

Summer 1 – Week 3

Stars of the Week: All of Class 5

Well done for your fantastic collective worship this week. You all did a fantastic job!

This week, Class 5 have continued their learning of vector graphics where they use different shapes to make different images. They have looked at different logos at home to see how images can be made from generating shapes together.

Summer 1 – Week 2

Stars of the Week: Martha and Rileigh

This week, Class 5 have been learning about angles in maths. They looked at changes of direction over 90 degree rotations and have compared the different types of angles.

In art, they made their comic words from onomatopoeia. Class 5 are very excited to show these to the school next week in their collective worship which they have been working very hard on.

Spring 2 – Week 6

Stars of the Week: Shaye and Amelia

This week, we had the pleasure of meeting Ross Montgomery, who wrote the book The Chime Seekers. Year 5 have absolutely enjoyed the book and were eager to meet him. He spoke about the inspirations that he got for the book and recited part of another book, which we will start reading at the end of the day.

Spring 2 – Week 5

Stars of the Week: Saraea and Isaac

Over the last few weeks, Class 5 have had some visitors that have stayed in the class. They were very small to start off with and have 6 legs that are near the front of their body. They are currently in their chrysalis state and have started their process of metamorphosis. We are, of course, talking about caterpillars. Class 5 have been using them to study how an insect goes through complete metamorphosis to become something completely different, such as a butterfly. We are eager to see how they look in the next part of their process. We shall keep you all updated with how they get on!


Spring 2 – Week 4

Stars of the Week: Carter and Noella

This week, Class 5 made their pulley systems in DT. They brought in recycled materials from home and made structures. Some children realised that they needed improvements to their structures that they planned and added more parts to them. Class 5 were very good at adapting what they were doing as they did it which meant that their evaluations will be great!