Autumn 1 – Week 2

Stars of the week: Constance & Fabian

In English, we have started reading The Curse of the Maya and Class 5 are already hooked! It is a gripping tale about two twins who follow their father on a work trip to Guatemala and discover a Maya temple. Next week, we are going to use it to inspire our own descriptive writing.

In Science this week, we had quite a few WOW moments, as we compared the size of the planets in our solar system and their distance to the sun.

Autumn 1 – Week 1

Stars of the week: Sebastian & Christina

Well done to the whole of Class 5 for their first week back at school. They have shown maturity and diligence adopting the new school rules and settling back into old routines.

We did assessments this week and Class 5 showed great perseverance, dedication and effort. Another, huge well done!

This week we were also looking at the writer and artist, Charles Mackesy, and his stunning book “The Boy, the mole, the fox and the horse.’ Class 5 took inspiration from this book to come up with their own characters, positive phrases and illustrations.









We did our first fitness circuit in P.E. this week. Class 5 showed so much enthusiasm! They have recorded their scores and will now begin working on achieving a PB every week. From next week, we will be building football into these P.E. lessons too.

Next week in English, we are going to start exploring the text, “The Curse of the Maya” by Johnny Pearce. It is a gripping tale that will inspire our own fiction writing.

In Maths, we will be recapping and building on our place value knowledge by learning about numbers up to 100,000!

Spring 2 – Week 4

Stars of the week: All of Year 5 

Year 5 have worked really hard this week to complete their assessments and as always they have tried their best. I’m so proud of your dedication and resilience – keep it up Year 5 Superstars!

Today Year 5 are going to write some humorous poems and then perform them to the rest of the class. If you would like a giggle and need cheering up then please ask a member of Year 5 to read their poem to you.

Spring 2 – Week 3

Stars of the Week: Anton and Frankie

Last Friday was World Book Day and to celebrate that we came to school dressed as our favourite book characters. Can you guess who we all are?

In addition, we also visited KS1 to read Year 1 their favourite stories!


Thank you to Kim – our mystery reader – who read us her favourite book, The Hobbit.

On Thursday last week, we visited WH Smiths to exchange our £1 book tokens for a special World Book Day book. There was so many good titles to choose from!

Friday morning we had a special visitor, ‘Mr Cool,’ visit our class to help us create our own brands. There was a lot of create ideas floating around – world watch this space! Thank you Mr Cool for taking your time to talk to us.

Next week we look forward to practising our song which we have written for our performance at the Royal Festival Hall.

Spring 2 – Week 1

Stars of the Week: Aldara and Bethany

Yesterday, Year 5 visited the Ragged School Museum (where Dr Bernardo used to be the Headteacher) to experience what it was like for the very poorest of children.

Victorian schools were very strict! You needed to keep your back straight at all times…

And no fidgeting…

Or else you would have to wear the dunce hat!

Before school you should always make sure you have a wash…

clean and iron your clothes…

beat the carpets and fix your shoes!

Next week we are looking forward to Book Week where we will be learning about Malala Yousafzai.

Spring 1 – Week 6

Stars of the Week: Zara and Desmond

Yesterday, Year 5 visited the CLC to take part in a code-breaking workshop. We had a great time and learnt so much thanks to our knowledgeable teacher – Caitlin. We used clues to crack codes and even had a go at writing our own morse code! This has made us very excited for when we start learning about WW2 later on this year.

Spring 1 – Week 5

Stars of the Week: All of Class 5

Yesterday we went back in time and we celebrated History Day Victorian Style!

We began the day as usual by singing the National Anthem…

We then did our learning for the day focused on the 3 R’s: Reading, Writing and Arithmetic.

The Inspector for Education arrived and did a spot inspection of children’s hands and boots. I’m afraid to say dirt was found…

Next week we shall try to ensure that silence is next to godliness and remember that children should be seen and not heard.