Spring Term – Week 1

Stars of the week: Lanre & Eliana

This week, we have been making a strong start on our Art Week display. We have been researching London landmarks and practicing our sketching skills to draw realistic portrayals of them. We will then collage them to form our own London skylines.

Spring 1: Week 6

STARS OF THE WEEK: Cecilia and Aden

This week, Y6 have spent some time researching Nikola Tesla and writing their own biographies about his life and achievements. We learnt all about his different inventions and how his AC current changed the future of electricity.


10.30am 17/07/21

Since we started, stocks have performed much better than cryptocurrencies. Mid-week, Xavi invested in Augur v2 which has increased by 16% since then.

Anton – 1018.17899
Dorianne – 1011.945189
Salma – 1011.309101
Zara – 1010.606553
Danielle – 1008.457239
Pearl – 1004.635929
Saskia – 1000
Amiah – 985.4293252
Rocco – 985.1331946
Bethany – 976.0564568
Sebastian – 971.5430011
Franklin – 969.7801991
Dawud – 968.9628114
Chidubem – 961.0259757
Swithun – 957.1292052
Theo – 956.7214906
Josh – 956.4198507
Sienna – 955.2081516
Harris – 936.2372151
Aldara – 932.1503908
Xavier – 872.888035
Meadow – 815.0574692
Beatrix – 814.7134886
Christian – 796.4068767
Mr Scott – 791.6250315

Detective Genre

Detective Genre

STARS OF THE WEEK: Cheri’ane and Nahum

This week, Class 6 wrote stories based on the Detective genre. They considered plot and character, while considering the passive voice. The stories were very exciting and featured clues to point to the culprit.

Also, last week, Year 6 led a fantastic service at the Cathedral, where they read their insightful reflections about the season of Harvest.

Geographical Features

Stars of the Week: Ava and Imran.

This week, Class 6 have been working hard on their geography projects.
They have been creating presentations about physical geographical features around the work and researching facts and statistics to support their work. They have also been working on their map skills to include accurate and detailed maps of these features and their correct location.
Please remember, Class 6, that these projects are due shortly and we look forward to seeing all your hard work.


Stars of the Week: All of Class 6
This week Year 6 have been concentrating on averages in maths. They also have made a great start to their maths sessions focusing on applying mathematical knowledge.