Spring 2 Week 1 – Bank of England

Stars of the Week: Alpha and Charles

Class 6 had a fantastic trip to the Bank of England, where they learnt all about; the history of the British economy, how the first bank was founded, what happens to interest rates and inflation, and they even got to lift a gold bar! We discussed how we can manage our finances correctly, which links nicely to our board games we created in school.  Well done for being so well behaved !



Spring 1 Week 5

Stars of the Week: All of Class 6

Well done Class 6 for such a fantastic final collective worship in Cathedral School! You all worked really hard to learn your lines and perform them with great confidence. Please find below the recording and pictures:

Spring 1 Week 3 – Art

Stars of the Week: Terrence and Annamaria

In PSHE this week, we have continued our work on managing money, and started to design our own board games. The games are based on real life and the factors that can change our money (such as rent, tax, bills, new job, work bonus). We will complete these next week!



Spring 1 Week 2

Stars of the week: Deborah and Alphie

This week in Class 6 we have be looking at the reasons why the River Nile was so important to Ancient Egypt, and how it still plays a massive role in the country’s economy. We discussed the importance of some of these factors, and began to write a job advert to hire more farmers / merchants to come and work around the Nile.

Spring 1 Week 1 – History

Stars of the Week: Amine and Morraya

This week in Class 6 we started our new History topic – Ancient Egypt! We looked at the different roles in Ancient Egyptian life and create a hierarchy of them in society. We moved on to looking at how important each role was to the Emperor and started to create a fact-file about each of them.

In Art, we began to look at Ancient Egyptian artefacts and had a go at sketching them. We will move onto making our own versions of some artefacts along with some self-portraits made from mosaic.



Song Tracks

These are the two songs which are good audition songs. You can also choose any song from any of the musicals we have done.

When you sing, you will have to use a backing track (no voices in the background) so make sure you are prepared for this!

Let it go!

With voices:

Without voices:

Annie (from 2 minutes 05 seconds)

With voices: (please ignore the dog joining in! There’s lots of versions online without this!)

Without voices:

Autumn 2 Week 7 – DT

Stars of the Week: Shia and Shambhavi

This week, Class 6 finally finished off their Bee-Bot tracks, and were able to have a go at completing the different puzzles from different tables. Look at how brilliant they all look! Well done for working so hard on them and sticking to the design brief so carefully.



Autumn 2 Week 5 – Geography

Stars of the Week: Martha and Isaac

In Geography this week we have been learning about maps, with a focus towards the Mercator projection. We looked at how inaccurate this style of map can be, and how some countries are actually smaller/bigger that their representation on maps. To explore this further, we started our own investigation. We created models of the world (with a balloon) and started the mark them with circles, just like land. We observed how these circles changed when we deflate the balloon and then stretch it out just like a map. The circles at the top and bottom became longer and the circles in the middle remained the same.