Autumn 2 Week 5

Stars of the Week: Soraya and Ibrahim 

This week Year 1 have  been very busy with their foundation subjects! In Science, we have been looking at the famous scientist Daniel Fahrenheit and learnt about how he invented the thermometer. As a class, we then predicted the temperature outside and then took some thermometers outside to measure how cold it was. Take a look at some of our photos below.

Autumn 2 Week 5

Stars of the week: James and Avani 

Class 1 have really shown off their learning this week with their assessments. Children had a great effort with their reading, writing and maths and have made so much progress since September! Well done for all your hard work Class 1, keep it up!

Spanish Day

Class 1 had a wonderful time celebrating Spanish Day! We did lots of dancing in class whilst we listened to some Spanish music. Children heard the story of The Ginger Bread Man in Spanish during our English lesson, then completed a storyboard on it. In Maths, we looked at Spanish numbers written in words and matched them to the English ones. We looked at the Spanish artist Joan Miro during Art and tried to replicate some of his work. We had a brilliant day!

Autumn 2 Week 3

Stars of the Week: Jonah and Taylie

Class 1 have worked so well this week. Children started learning about odd and even numbers in maths and produced some great work on whether a number has a partner or not! Class 1 have worked so hard on their phonics this week and we have started learning split digraphs, such as a___e  i___e and o___e. Well done on another fab week everyone!

Autumn 2 Week 2

Stars of the week: Laura and Raina

Year 1 have been looking at Seasonal Change this half term in Science. This week, we did a little autumn walk in the playground and children emersed themselves in different signs of autumn. We discussed different things we could hear; such a crunchy leaves and the change of temperature outside. Children all had a wonderful time!

Autumn 2 Week 1

Stars of the Week: Lara and Amelia

Class 1 have had a great start back after half term. Children are really enjoying our new class text Paddington and are producing some great work in English. We have also been busy with our practical sessions in maths where we are looking at bonds to 10, addition word problems and 1 more/1 less. Here are some photos from our learning this week.

Au1 Week 7

Stars of the Week: All of Year 1

Well done to all of Class 1 for having such a great half term. You have all worked so hard over the last few weeks and have shown some excellent pieces of work in your books. It feels like you have been in Class 1 for longer than 7 weeks! You should all be very proud of yourselves.

Please enjoy our photos below from when we visited Gaia at Southwark Cathedral this week! Our Collective Worship video will be up soon too!

Autumn 1 Week 6

Stars of the week: Grace and Ibrahim 

This week in Maths, Class 1 have been looking at part whole models. Children have really worked hard on this topic and have been thinking of ways in which a whole can be split differently. We have had lots of practical maths lessons this week and children have enjoyed using playdough and counters to support their learning.