Autumn 1- Week 7

Stars of the Week: Betty and Gerard

This week Class 1 enjoyed creating abstract paintings. We used 2D shapes and different types of lines to create paintings in the style of Kandinsky. We used oil pastels and water colours and chose colours using the colour wheels we made earlier in the term.

In RE we discussed the Jewish holy day, Shabbat. We learnt about the special traditions that Jews follow on this day of the week. Class 1 showed some excellent understanding of how this day is celebrated by decorating their own Shabbat table to include key objects. We learnt that the day signifies the 7th day of Creation, when God rested.

Well done for a fantastic first half term, Class 1. I am proud of the way you have transitioned from Reception into KS1!

Autumn 1- Week 6

Stars of the Week: Zein and Yoki

This week in English we have been learning the differences between fiction and non- fiction books. We sorted the books into two groups and noticed that non-fiction books contained facts and information. This will help us when we begin writing our non chronological reports about tigers tomorrow.

During our History lesson we visited Redcross Gardens to spot the different types of houses and homes we could see. We have been comparing old and new houses and thinking about the various types of homes we live in and how houses have changed over time.

In Art we enjoyed using oil pastels to create concentric circles in the style of Kandinsky. We are looking forward to using watercolours to create creatures using different lines and patterns next week!

Autumn 1- Week 5

Stars of the Week: Jacob A and Ezra

This week in History we have been finding out about how toys have changed through time. We worked in groups to create a role play to demonstrate a change. For example: toys can now be bought in supermarkets and on the internet, as well as from toy shops. We performed our role plays to the class.

In Science we have been learning how scientists sort animals into different groups. We found out some facts about mammals, reptiles and birds and their different features. We then grouped some of the animals that we see in our local area such as tadpoles, newts, squirrels, pigeons and foxes and talked about how we knew they were mammals, birds or amphibians.

Autumn 1- Week 4

Stars of the Week: Ava and Jacob W

It has been wonderful to be back in school this week. We have been busy!

In English we have been learning our new class text, The Tiger Who Came to Tea. We acted out the story and can now retell it off by heart. We wrote character descriptions of the tiger using lots of interesting adjectives. Keep an eye out for our posters on display next week.

This week in PE we had our first gymnastics lesson which was based on The Three Billy Goats Gruff. We used different steps to represent the three different sized goats. We also had to hold balances and make our bodies into narrow, wide, straight and tuck shapes. Have a look at us balancing! We performed for each other noticing what other children were doing well.

Next week we will be writing our own versions of The Tiger Who Came to Tea. We will be thinking of other animals who might pay us a visit!

Autumn 1- Week 1

Stars of the Week: Charlotte and Cruz

Well done Class 1 for a wonderful first week in Year 1! I have been so impressed with how the children have come back after the summer and their fantastic attitude to learning. We are ready for an exciting and busy year ahead!

It has been lovely seeing the children exploring their new classroom. We have been busy in our outside area in the sand and water trays and there has been lots of hula hooping happening!

Earlier in the week we read the book Teddy’s Birthday and have been working hard to design birthday cards and party invitations for Teddy. We have been working hard to use our phonics in our writing to sound out words, as well as remembering to use finger spaces between words.

In Maths we have been sorting objects into different groups as well as practising counting to ten using counters on our ten frame.

We learnt about Saints in RE and talked about the qualities that they have and how we can learn from them. Class 1 had some fantastic ideas about how we can use these in our school such as being generous, looking after each other and sharing our ideas.

I’m looking forward to seeing what marvellous learning we get up to next week!

Spring 2, Week 4- Collective Worship

Stars of the week: Gabrielle and Joshua

This week we have been focusing on doubling, grouping and sharing in Maths. Gabrielle and Joshua worked hard to solve a word problem about a magic plant that doubled each day for a week. They worked systematically, showed their working and could explain their answers. Well done!

Class 1 worked hard last week to learn their lines for our Collective Worship on Tuesday. They did a brilliant job!



Spring 2, Week 3 – Book Week

Stars of the Week: Tabitha and Mason

Last week we celebrated Book Week. We learned about Maria Montessori and how she changed education to encourage children to be free, curious and responsible. We wrote clues about our favourite subject at school and read them to Year 2 who tried to guess what it was. We also got to share a book with Class 5 and had The Jolly Postman read to us by Margaret M. It was a busy week and the children’s costumes were all absolutely great!