Poetry Week

Stars of the Week: Mariama and Sebastian

For poetry week, Class 2 studied kennings. These started off in Old English and Old Norse poetry where something is described without using its name, for example, stick fetcher = dog. Sebastian and Mariama worked exceptionally hard to write really descriptive poems describing an animal without saying its name.

See what kennings you can spot in our poems!

Gentle flier with beautiful wings.
Pink and purple colourful wings.
Happily flying through the air.
People amazed they stop and stare.
Sometimes spotty, sometimes not.
Always colourful, soft and smooth.
Gentle flier, soft flier.
by Mariama
(Answer: A butterfly)

It dirtily ran into a small hole.
Fast runner, tail swisher.
Furry nut eater.
Food stealer, soft runner.
It cheerfully sprints into a tiny crack.
By Sebastian
(Answer: A mouse)

We also had fun reciting poetry with Year 3 and reading and hearing poems written during poetry week.

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