Summer 2 Week 2- Persuasive Writing.

Star of the week: Lyonna and Filip

Class 3 have been writing persuasive letters this week. In their writing, they have used a range of persuasive devices such as rhetorical questions, emotive language, repetition, groups of three and personal pronouns. As well as having to remember to include persuasive techniques, Class 3 also included the layout features of a letter.
You’ve worked really hard on your letters Class 3, well done!

Here are some examples of our writing:

Lyonna (Paragraph 1):

As you know, it’s nearly time for us to leave Class 3, so please can you treat us to P.E. at the best place ever? We really want a treat like this. Plus, it’s also an opportunity for us to do more laps and to prove that our fitness has improved...

Filip (Paragraph 2):

Don’t you like the Marlborough? It is a great place to be and get lots of exercise. Also, cricket balls won’t get lost therefore there’s more money for other equipment. As well as P.E,   we can also do more geography work on compass points and much more! 



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