Spring 1 Week 2 – Rocks rock!

Stars of the Week: Ethan and Marcia

Class 3 have been investigating different kinds of rock using the digital microscopes. Everyone made detailed, labelled sketches of the rocks, and worked as a team to identify types of rock using a set of clues.
Super scientists – well done!

Next week in Class 3… we will be using what we’ve learnt about stop-motion animation to plan a storyboard in computing!

Spring 1 Week 1 – Portraits

Stars of the Week: Chiugo and Lacey

Class 3 have made a fantastic start to the new half term! As well as beginning new topics on rocks in science and Hinduism in RE, the class have made a start on their self-portraits for the new hall displays. We’ve been looking at the art of Sandra Silberzweig and how she uses colour and pattern to communicate her emotions.

Chiugo and Lacey made excellent use of their sketchbooks to try out ideas and practise new techniques with oil pastels. Well done!

Next week in Class 3… we will begin our new class text, The Wind in the Willows and will continue with our maths topic on multiplication and division.

Autumn 2 Week 6 – Skara Brae

Stars of the Week: Daniela and Sean

This week, Class 3 have been finding out more about prehistoric life in Britain by looking at Skara Brae, an archaeological site from 3,000BC! After finding out about all the archaeological clues to what life was like, Class 3 wrote poems describing a day in the life at Skara Brae.
We hope you enjoy them!

Next week in Class 3… We will be completing this term’s DT topic by evaluating the musical instruments we’ve made.

Autumn 2 week 5 – collective worship

Stars of the week: all of class 3!

Well done to all of class 3 for leading collective worship with so much enthusiasm and confidence on Tuesday! It was a great celebration of all your hard work so far this year. Keep it up, superstars!

Please have a look at our next post for the video (password protected).

Next week in class 3… we’ll be finding out how the length of shadows can be changed in science, and begin a new topic on multiplication and division in maths.

Autumn 2 Week 4 – Music

Stars of the Week: Jacob and Osarenoma

Class 3 have been working very hard this week practising for their collective worship and for the Cathedral service, and creating Christmas artwork for the new hall displays. Both Jacob and Osarenoma have been excellent singing leaders in all the rehearsals and worked very carefully on their artwork.
Keep it up, superstars!

Autumn 2 Week 3: The Bolds

Stars of the Week: Javon and Sonny

This week, Class 3 enjoyed a wonderful trip to the Unicorn Theatre to see The Bolds. The play was about a family of hyenas in disguise as humans! The class have been using the story as inspiration for their own funny animal adventures. We started by describing a street where all the families are actually animals in disguise! We hope you enjoy reading Javon and Sonny’s ideas.

Next week in Class 3… We will be thinking about how art and music is used to celebrate Christmas as we create some Christmas displays and get ready for Advent!

Autumn 2 Week 2 – super setting descriptions!

Stars of the Week: Cam’ron and Jomi

This week in Class 3, we have been writing setting descriptions based on paintings from the National Gallery that we saw on our trip last week. The class have worked hard to think of powerful vocabulary to bring the scenes to life, using different senses.

Next week in Class 3… we will be finding out about sun safety as part of our science topic on light.

Autumn 2 Week 1 – The National Gallery

Stars of the Week: All of Class 3

Class 3 had a fantastic trip to the National Gallery on Thursday! We had a guided tour of some of the paintings, and learnt about how a painting is made. Then each group had the chance to choose some paintings that they’d like to sketch. We also had a great time looking at the lions and fountains in Trafalgar Square!

Here are some of our reflections from the day:

Ed taught us that Vincent van Gogh loved yellow. – Aarav

Ed taught us that the oldest picture in the gallery was 700 years old! – Chiugo

I liked sketching the boats and the woman on the chair because sketching old pictures is one of my favourite things. – Marcia

At Trafalgar Square I saw the Canadian flag, two water fountains and a whipped ice cream with a fly and a drone on it! – Gabrielle

Ed told us if you put gold leaf around a picture and light it with candles, it glows. – Ethan

I really liked looking at pictures and sketching them because sketching helps you to look closely at the picture. – Hudson

Ed showed us the racing horse called Whistlejacket. – Cam’ron

Next week in Class 3… We will be finding out how archaeologists know about prehistoric life by looking at cave paintings.