Autumn 2 Week 4- Beware, Hunter-Gatherers at Cathedral School!

Star of the week: Yvette and Diane

In our history lesson this week, we became hunter-gatherers and found a variety of wild animals, nuts, seeds, berries and edible plants in the Peace Garden. During the early Stone Age, this was their only way of survival. They had to hunt for animals and gather other edible foods that were available. As a class, we then discussed how life during the Neolithic time (Late Stone Age) changed. A warmer climate and more rain meant that people could create settlements and grow crops. Pretending we were alive during the Stone Age, Class 3 wrote a letter to a friend explaining how much better life was. Class 3 worked really hard on their letters and included lots of subject specific vocabulary. Well done, Class 3!

Next week, we will be learning all about the well preserved Stone Age village, Skara Brae.

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