Summer 2 – Week 3

Stars of the Week: Victor and Juno

This week has been packed full of lots of great experiences for Class 5. During science day, we had the pleasure of going to Westminster School to have a look at the three subjects of science: Biology, Chemistry and Physics.

For physics, we went into a planetarium. We were shown lots of constellations of the stars which were interesting but it was hard to see how some people made pictures of the stars as they were very contrasting. We also looked at the North Star (Polaris) and watched the ‘world’ go round to see the star staying in the exact same place!

For biology, we looked at a heart. The teacher showed us where the blood travels in and out of the heart and where all of the chambers in the heart are. We looked at diagrams and spoke about how the heart is so important as it carries everything we need to parts of our body: oxygen, water and food.

For chemistry, we saw a copper 2p coin turned into gold! The chemistry teacher showed us lots of different interesting experiments with lots of explosions as well as smoke made from frozen carbon dioxide. We also looked at how carbon dioxide is heavier than the air around us and we could see bubbles floating on a pool of CO2.


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