Life in the trenches

Stars of the Week: Ruby & Albert

This week, we discussed life in the trenches during WW1. We looked at some primary source of information to gather facts and first-hand experience about what the soldiers endured. These letters told us about the poor living conditions and dreadful experiences they suffered during this time.

We used these to write our own letters which attempted to replicate the feelings and emotions of a soldier in the trenches.

Detective Genre

Detective Genre

STARS OF THE WEEK: Cheri’ane and Nahum

This week, Class 6 wrote stories based on the Detective genre. They considered plot and character, while considering the passive voice. The stories were very exciting and featured clues to point to the culprit.

Also, last week, Year 6 led a fantastic service at the Cathedral, where they read their insightful reflections about the season of Harvest.


Stars of the Week: Emmanuel & Mary

This week, we have been discussing e-safety and how to stay safe when using electronic devices. We talked about the importance of using reliable websites, never sharing personal information and making sure we speak to an adult if there’s something we aren’t sure about.

Welcome back!

Stars of the Week: Kaijaun & Emilia

Welcome back to the new Class 6 who have made a great start with their work. In maths we have been reading, writing and comparing numbers up to ten million. Class 6 have confidently tackled the problems set in class and have also ensured they have set an excellent example for the other year groups around school.


Well done to all of Class 6 on a fantastic year. Everyone accomplished so much and should be proud, especially with the recent SATs results. The performances were fantastic and really showcased all the hard work and efforts that went into making them such a success.

Enjoy the summer before starting embarking on your exciting new journey!



Stars of the Week: Brenda & Albert

A few weeks ago, we went on our last ever trip as a class and, as you probably already know, we visited Chessington World of Adventures as a reward for our hard work. It was a fun trip and we had a great time on all the rides!

Leavers’ Service

Stars of the Week: Heidi & Magnus

A big well done to Class 6 for preparing such a wonderful Leavers’ Service. The thanks, prayers and memories shared with everyone were wonderful to hear and particularly well-written. There were lots of memories of friendship and accomplishments and it was so nice to hear about their journey through Cathedral School. As usual, thank you to all the staff and parents for being part of the service, and a special thanks to Miss Dace and Father David.