Finding out about life in the trenches

Stars of the Week: Imran  & Ellah

Today Year 6 have been finding about about what life was like in the World War 1 trenches.  They used a range of primary sources such as poems, letters, photographs and artefacts.

Write a short (200 word) diary entry about getting up one morning in the trenches.  What would you see as you awoke?  What would you hear and smell? How would you feel?



Life in Year 6

Stars of the Week: Daniel & Brenda

This week, we have made a great start with our learning. In Science, we have been learning about classification and how to classify animals using a classification key. We have been revising large numbers in maths – all the way up to billions – and in English, we have been writing short stories to engage the reader.

Keep up all the hard work, Class 6!

Welcome back!

Stars of the Week: Mollie & Zakaria

This week, Class 6 have had a great start by learning about larger numbers – up to ten million – as well working on ways to improve and vary sentence structure for effect.

Our World Faith Week focus has been on Sikhism and also three of the Fruits of Friendship – faithfulness, gentleness and self-control.

Curtain Call

So as the show finally comes to an end and Year 6 take their final bow, we reflect on all the hard work and effort that went into creating this amazing show. A big well done to Year 6 for stepping on stage and bringing so much energy and enthusiasm to really make the show come alive. Adults and children alike have marveled over the performances and the confidence displayed throughout.

Well done Year 6, we are all very proud of you.

Leavers’ 2018

Stars of the Week: All of Class 6

This week, Class 6 reflected on their time at Cathedral School during their Leavers’ Service at Southwark Cathedral. It was a wonderful service and they had thoughtfully written and prepared their memories, thanks and prayers and the readings were read beautifully. It was wonderful to hear their memories and thanks about their time spent at school and we are all extremely proud of how well they have done over the years.

As they transition into secondary school, they can leave Cathedral School feeling confident and ready for the next stage of their education and we wish them all the best. Their recent SATs results were brilliant and they all leave equipped with the skills and knowledge to have the best start to their secondary education.

Class 6, you have been a fantastic year to teach and I am very fortunate to have taught you over two years. I have watched you grow and develop into fantastic young learners and I am extremely proud. Good luck with everything and have a wonderful summer. – Mr Morrell.

Geography projects

Stars of the Week: Sam C & Divine

In Class 6, we have been researching and writing our own geography projects about a country in North/South America or about the impact that plastics are having on the environment.

We have been using reliable websites to research facts, figures and statistics to support our projects and we have been labeling maps, drawing graphs and identifying areas of human and physical geography.


Stars of the Week: Daniela & Emil

Last week, Year 6 went to Chessington World of Adventures on their final trip as part of Cathedral School! The trip was a thank you for all the hard work that Year 6 have put in over the year – helping out with buddies, supporting other year groups and completing other jobs around the school.

Thankfully, the rides weren’t too busy and we didn’t have to queue for long which meant we managed to get around most of the park! We bonded as a class and enjoyed our final trip together.


Stars of the Week: Lauren & Lucas

Class 6 went on a trip to Southwark Cathedral to learn more about Pentecost and what it means. We completed a carousel of activities all related to Pentecost and learnt lots about the Fruits of the Spirit and what the Bible teaches us about Pentecost.