This week, we finished our flashbacks about ‘The Piano’ – a sad tale of an old man reflecting on his life. We discussed using emotive language and building description to engage the reader and add depth to our work.

Here are some extracts we would like to share with you:

Ancient Egyptian art

Stars of the Week: Cheri’ane & Kaijaun

This week, we have been planning our Ancient Egyptian artwork and designing our own beautiful amulets. We investigated the cloisonne technique before designing our own work. We used hieroglyphics from Ancient Egyptian times to plan and create our amulets, with each hieroglyph meaning something different.

3D Shapes

Stars of the Week: Tiyana & Kris

This week, we have been learning all about shapes. We have been discussing the properties of 2D and 3D shapes, correctly identifying these shapes and also creating nets of 3D shapes.

We have also been discussing lots of different vocabulary associated with shape including vertices, faces, edges, perpendicular and parallel.

Happy New Year

Stars of the Week: Julia & Justice

This week, we have been reading different poems and working on creating personification in our writing. We will use it to inspire our seasonal poems which we will be writing soon.

We’ll post some examples here so watch this space!

Northern Lights

Stars of the Week: Teddy & Tiyana

This week, we have been working on writing an exciting action scene. We have taken inspiration from the book to help us write some exciting and engaging extracts with a selection of ambitious vocabulary.

We have included some extracts below for you to enjoy.

Don’t fall for fake!

Stars of the Week: Joel & Whitney

This week, we have been looking at false information on the internet and how to detect credible information. We have been investigating different sources of information and how to look for clues which indicate whether or not it can be trusted!

We are collaborating on our own articles using Google Drive to write, edit and share using our emails, ensuring that we alter our privacy settings beforehand.

Music in Class 6

Stars of the Week: Arianna & Prushoth

As well as learning all the Christmas songs, we have been working hard on our composition skills. We have been working on identifying pulse and rhythm and using the chime bars to play along to familiar songs.

First News

Stars of the Week: Fiona & Amari

Well done to the selected members of Class 6 for their achievements in the First News competition this week. They competed with other schools and tested their news knowledge to help them win one of the challenges.

Over the last few weeks, we have been engaging with the news through First News publications and debating a range of current affairs and issues.  We then used our skills to write up some newspaper articles about our achievements at our recent residential trip.